First Day of School Outfits

Just like job interviews or first dates, the first day of school requires an outfit that will stand out as you strut down the hallway in slow motion. Or if you go to high school in the real world, the perfect outfit will simply help you get noticed for the right reasons and have everyone asking where you shop.

Finding an outstanding outfit that reflects your personality is a big deal, but not difficult. The trick is to simply make sure that you can mix and match these pieces with other outfits all school year long. Even if it looks complicated, it should be something you still feel comfortable wearing. Keep in mind that your outfit will work time after time if it reflects your personal style rather than current trends.

Wild Side
Going out on a fashion limb may just require one special piece that elevates the whole look. For example, these gold shoes are a rock star choice. They’re bold enough to reinvigorate a basic tee and jeans, but since this is the first day of school, it’s time to really amp it up. For a breezy, leggy entrance, team these with silky print shorts and a slouchy white button-front shirt, or plain cropped bottoms and a wild print dress shirt. Large gold earrings or a gold-tone choker will anchor the look with a Midas touch.

At the other end of the fashion spectrum is the early 90s. Throw these kicks on with skinny black jeans (with zips on the sides if possible), and a long-sleeved tee under a graphic tee. If your school is generous with the air-con, or your town has already descended into fall, finish with a boxy blazer for a Kurt Cobain-meets-Elvis look that, now that I have that image in my head, I need to get in my closet stat.

New Monochrome
For those who prefer to make a quieter but no less fashionable entrance, it’s time for a variation on a theme. Pastels have lasted way longer than their usual spring fling and are still going strong. Wearing lilac flats, mint skinnies and a lemon top is a sweet look and works well when trying to con people into carrying your books. Or you could wear varying shades of one color from top to bottom, although that requires a sharp eye for just the right amount of contrast.

Naturally Nature
Florals, like pastels, have demonstrated surprising staying power this year. Instead of a typical girly look, team floral sneakers with holey boyfriend jeans and a lightweight army green parka. Shadow stripes are a great way to combine prints as they’re not really a print, so this cutout top is a good way to end this outfit on a cool, relaxed note.

Animal prints may have reached the tipping point, so instead wear a tee showcasing a large animal image or shoes with an animal cutout rather than a typical bow on the toecap. These bright yellow shoes with an adorable rabbit accent are quirky and cool, and deserve an outfit that will draw the eye down. Boyfriend jeans will do the trick, as will check pants or a striped maxi dress that ends just above the ankle.

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