JuJu Moisture Aloe Cream Review

The YS Beauty Lab

I ordered the JuJu Moisture Aloe Cream thinking that it would be like an after-sun gel that’s perfect for summer. But I wasn’t going to use it for post-tanning purposes – I bought it as a first-aid treatment in case I get scalded. Let’s just say I’m accident-prone.

Thus, I was surprised when I opened the jar and saw that it was creamy in consistency rather than gel-like. As the name says, it’s primarily a moisturizing cream. I tested a pea-size amount on the back of my hand and was surprised at its thick consistency. I figured this 50g jar would last me a long time since I could feel its efficacy with only a small amount, and for $15, it’s a good deal.

Hello, Aloe!
JuJu Cosmetics is a Japanese skincare brand and the Moisture Aloe Cream is one of several in the line-up that uses 100% aloe vera as the primary ingredient. The product information emphasizes its moisturizing capabilities and that there’s no fragrance, artificial colors or mineral oil. Its creamy consistency, however, seems more suitable for dry skin rather than my oily-combination type. With summer at its height, I wasn’t really sure whether applying something so emollient would be ideal.

The Verdict
After almost a month of usage, I realized that it was better to apply the cream at night rather than layering it under makeup and feeling it drip away in the daytime heat. A very small amount goes a long way when it comes to this moisture cream. A few tiny dabs on my face in the evening after using a cleanser and toner and my skin always felt refreshed when I woke up. I also noticed that my face became less shiny and some dry patches under my eyes and on my cheeks became smoother and suppler.

As for buying this cream as a first-aid burn treatment, I’m happy to report that it works if you have a close (but minor) encounter with a kettle filled with freshly boiled water. Regular application on the burn made the swelling go down in two days, and by the third, the skin had already shown signs of healing.

Those with dry skin may benefit the most from the hydrating effects of the cream but it’s definitely useful for all skin types during the colder months.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★