Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette (Eye Shadow) Review

The YS Beauty Lab

As I’ve said before, I’m in the midst of redoing my makeup collection. The biggest change came this month when I ordered Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette (Eye Shadow), which retails at US$26. I can finally replace all my half-used samples with a nice, clean, new palette that has more colors than I know what to do with, although that’s likely to change soon.

Before buying beauty products, I like to see what the company’s philosophy is or in what ways they give back. I was pleased to see that Coastal Scents doesn’t test on animals. In addition, they participate in a cooperative called Project Ghana, which helps rural Ghanaian women gain self-reliance through employment.

Coastal Scents has won me over on the social responsibility front, and the palette certainly looks good enough to pass a superficial test, so let’s see how well it fared when it came to actual usage!

The Onceover
The palette comes with two dual-tip foam applicators, but they didn’t seem useful so I just used my regular brushes or fingertips instead. Each color comes in a dime-sized pan. Most of the hues are matte, which for me was one of the big draws of this palette. Only a few have a satiny finish, so they’re pretty easy to avoid. Every last color is vivid, extremely pigmented and gorgeous.

A removable plastic sheet protects the eyeshadow pans, and the foam applicators flank the large mirror. The matte black case comes in a plastic sleeve and a thin Coastal Scents box, and it all looks very sleek and chic. It’s also extremely lightweight and packs easily. I’m waiting for the day I forget just how light it is and it goes flying when I pick it up. But until that day, I intend to fully enjoy each and every color!

Double Take
So the palette looks incredible, but how does it actually perform? Well, this is where the proverbial water gets a little muddy. Talc is the main ingredient, and it can make eyeshadows a bit chalky. Most of the colors went on just fine but there were a few that had a distinct powdery finish and didn’t stay put. Obviously, using primer helps. I turned to the Internet for advice and saw that several people recommended applying the color to your lids via your fingertips and eliminating the brush. This worked wonders! I still used a blending brush in the end, and it worked fine. Another solution is to apply it wet, which I haven’t tried yet.

The colors are so pigmented that they will stain your fingers, so don’t forget to soap up before switching colors or touching anything else. Even though the quality varies a bit from color to color, it’s a pretty easy fix and no one will be the wiser that you had to get a little creative with the application process.

The YS Beauty Lab

Overall, I absolutely recommend this palette, whether you’re a makeup beginner or enthusiast. The variety of shades will get your creative juices flowing, especially when you want to change your look without opening your wallet further. The price is totally doable, considering how many colors you get. Just looking at the jolt of colors in the morning is enough to help you get up a bit faster.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ (4 out of 5 stars)

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