Tsubaki Damage Care Water Mist (White) Review

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I’m not fond of putting a lot of product in my hair. Other than the occasional color job and treatment, I think I don’t subject it to too much abuse. However, despite the care I lavish on my hair, my constant problem with it is its dryness.

Because of that, I’m always looking for solutions to tame the wild child that is my hair. I prefer ones that are affordable, easy and quick to apply, and most importantly, deliver on their promise. Having established a good relationship with the Tsubaki Head Spa Extra Cleansing Shampoo, decided to get acquainted with the rest of its family starting with the Tsubaki Damage Care Water Mist (White).

Hair Genie in a Bottle
Despite having camellia oil as its primary ingredient, the Tsubaki Water Mist is more water and less oil, meaning it’s less sticky on your hair and hands. The bottle comes with a spray nozzle, making it easy to use – not to mention spot on your vanity or bathroom counter. If you’re always in a rush with your morning vanity rituals, this feature saves you a minute or two, which might make a difference in your busy schedule. This 250-ml bottle also retails for a very affordable US$12. I’ve been using it every day for nearly two weeks and the amount in the bottle still looks virtually unused.

A Spray a Day Keeps the Dryness at Bay
My hair usually requires conditioning every other day. Along with the high humidity and using this Water Mist, I was afraid that the combination would weigh my hair down. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. The product’s predominant water content tamed the frizz and added shine to my locks as well. After blow-drying, my hair felt softer to the touch, looked better and behaved more obediently. Hallelujah!

According to my research, the Water Mist is apparently ideal as a leave-in conditioner. If you wash your hair at night, you can apply the mist while your hair is still damp and wake up with soft, frizz-free hair. That I have yet to try.

The Verdict
Because it’s more watery than oily, the Water Mist didn’t feel sticky or weigh my hair down. I also loved that it had a subtle tea scent which is characteristic of this collection. The spray nozzle made it infinitely more convenient to use but I preferred to spray it on my hands and then smooth it into my hair. The mist delivered in terms of price especially for the size, and it certainly delivered on its promise to revitalize my locks.

My only beef is that the bottle is too big for my bag, so if I travel, I might have to transfer some of it into a smaller spray bottle so I can put it in my carry-on. Otherwise, it will have to stay in my bathroom or in my check-in luggage. Another thing is that the spray nozzle has no safety cap or on/off feature so there is a slight chance you might end up accidentally spraying it. Reattaching the yellow stopper helps to avoid such accidents. Other than that, the Tsubaki Damage Care Water Mist is now one of my hair must-haves.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating:     ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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