Missha M Vita BB Cream (Matte) Review

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I have a love-hate relationship with BB creams. When they first came out, most were available only in one shade which was two or three shades lighter than my actual skin tone. Given that it started out as a post-surgical blemish or beauty balm (hence the “BB”) that was reinvented by Korean beauty brands and celebrities into a seemingly miraculous beauty product, it was clearly meant to match fairer complexions.

I never thought I’d buy a BB cream again after a horrible experience of literally turning a whiter shade of pale. But kudos to the BB cream manufacturers who have finally seen the light and now offer shades for a variety of skintones. So is this product worth a second chance? I thought so, hence my choosing Missha M Vita BB Cream Matte with SPF 20 PA++. Extra kudos for the SPF 20 and ++ rating, because I believe no one is too young nor too old to wear sunscreen. I’ll take it wherever I can get it.

Missha en scène
I’m certainly glad that Missha, one of the most popular Korean brands that have consistent bestselling BB creams, came out with a matte version that’s suitable for combination to oily skin types.

The information on the box states that the Missha M Vita BB Cream Matte “evens skin texture and brightens skin tone with a soft and light finish.” The ingredients purportedly include a nano vita complex made of “7 essential vitamins” that enhance skin’s vitality, protects it from pollution and relieves skin stress. However, I don’t really understand the “anti shadow complex” and am not really sold on the “jewelry complex” either which supposedly helps skin become bright and radiant. I think it would take more than just a BB cream for skin to actually look that way.

Matte where it matters
The 50ml tube is priced at US$20, which is reasonable considering you only need a small amount each time. The tube comes with a pump nozzle that dispenses a thin thread of cream, saving me the annoyance of squeezing from the bottom and getting too much.

The instructions on the box recommend applying Missha BB Boomer prior to the BB cream. However, I decide to forego the primer for a day to see whether it would stay matte for at least a few hours. It certainly felt weird to be using a BB cream in such humid conditions but I thought it was the ideal setting to see whether this product can make good on its promise. The cream is very quick-absorbent and left a slight but not thick sheen on my face which was quickly covered up by face powder.

I’m lucky that I don’t have to stay out in the heat too long (Thank you, office A/C!), but just a few hours later my face started becoming shiny again.

With primer, the matte effect definitely lasts longer, especially when aided by my finishing powder. If you have very oily skin though, this product won’t be matte enough for you, and primer is an absolute must. On the plus side, this shade is the closest – but not an exact match – to my skin tone so I don’t have to worry about my face looking too white.

Despite the word “matte” in its name, I’m rather disappointed that the product doesn’t truly provide a mattifying effect on its own and needs a separate primer in order to create the desired results. The search continues.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating: ★ ★

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