The Face Shop Petite Cheek Stick (Pink Pong Pong) + Kao Biore Makeup Remover Tissue Review

The YS Beauty Lab

This month, I paired the pretty with the practical. A change in my skin regimen required me to use practical makeup cleansing wipes rather than my standard soap and water routine. As I’m always on the lookout for a cheap product that does its job, I zeroed in on Kao Biore’s Makeup Remover Tissues. For US$10, it satisfies the bargain fiend in me and is small enough to fit in my everyday bag.

The pretty product I decided to try is this uber-cute cheek stick from The Face Shop called (breathe now) Petite I Cheek Stick in Pink Pong Pong. It’s also called Lovely ME:EX Petit I Cheek Stick 01 Pink Pong Pong. The container looks like one of those Russian matryoshka (nesting) dolls and I don’t think any girl would be able to resist this. For just US$18, it’s an absolute steal for something that brightens up your cheeks and bathroom vanity for a few months.

Cheek to Chic
The Petit Cheek Stick comes in three colors: pink, coral and berry. I chose pink as I wasn’t too sure how dark or light it would appear on my medium-toned skin. Upon initial inspection and smudging a bit on my hand, I thought it was too pink and I was afraid that I might end up looking like a clown.

It took a couple of swipes on my cheek for me to see a hint of color. For one moment, I thought I looked like Raggedy Ann (the doll, but minus the freckles). However, a little pressed powder toned down the vividness.

Application simply involved twisting the base a little so the color stick pops up. You can swipe it directly on your cheeks, use your fingertips or use a sponge wedge. I preferred fingertips to better control how much ended up on my face. Doing so reminded me of playing with my mother’s lipsticks as a little girl and how I would furtively swipe a finger over the tip and smudge it on my cheeks to copy her makeup. The cute packaging of this product certainly adds to that childhood memory.

It’s Not You, It’s Me
When road-testing the cheek color, I applied it between my SPF-fortified BB cream and pressed powder for a smoother finish. I don’t know if it was the humid weather here in Hong Kong, my combination-to-oily skin or perhaps both, but after just two hours, there was nary a trace of pink on my skin. It may have disappeared under the “glow” I usually get after walking rapidly from the train station to the office. However, a few swipes of the Kao Biore Makeup Remover Tissues in the bathroom revealed no cheek color. In order to give the cheek stick a fair chance, I rinsed my face, wiped off any remaining makeup and started over.

With the makeup remover wipes, I usually need two at the end of the day – before and after rinsing with a non-soap cleanser – and I’m satisfied with how clean my face feels after use. But then, I hardly wear any makeup. If you sport a full painted face every day, then you will definitely need more than what this little pack carries.

Despite reapplying the cheek color, it just didn’t stay put for more than three hours. The creamy texture usually turns a bit powdery so perhaps my skin absorbed it too well, or it was no match against my occasionally shiny face. Another possibility is that I’d chosen the wrong variant and the Pink Pong Pong just didn’t match my skin tone. It may be more suitable for those who are fair-skinned while the Coral Pong Pong might work for those with olive or darker complexions for a dramatic bronzed effect. As for me, I may just give the Berry Pong Pong a chance and hope that it’s finally the perfect match.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating
The Face Shop’s Petite I Cheek Stick (Pink Pong Pong):     ★ ★ ★
Kao Biore’s Makeup Remover Tissue:     ★ ★ ★