A Dark Wonderland: Alice Go Home

Gray, dreary skies and cooling rains. My calendar tells me it’s April but the weather has been rather fickle. Even Wonderland, as bright and animated as it may be, has its darker regions. I’ve been inspired to embrace this theme and to introduce a new favorite brand.

Theme: A Dark Wonderland

Styles: A-line structured dresses, lace, stockings, asymmetric hems and mixed textures. The classic and the twisted modern.

First, let’s look at the jacket. The jacket is from Alice Go Home, a brand I found on YesStyle.com that I am absolutely in love with! Everything they do is so creative and the fabrics have a nice weighty quality about them that I also like. This jacket is unique. You have the texture of the corduroy in gray against the shine of the black satin collar and belt. Then you have this lovely godet hem that animates your movements and makes the jacket feel like a dress when secured.

Next up is this beautiful black and white lace dress from Tokyo Fashion.

The apron-like design of the white lace on this A-line structured black dress makes me think of something a modern Alice would wear. The sleeves are raised and shirred while the bodice and skirt are more traditional. It’s reminiscent of childhood while maintaining an adult quality. The embellished neckline is a nice touch as well.

I’m excited for sunny days and pastel colors, but fortunately until then I have these dark neutrals to see me through. Which side of Wonderland are you on?

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