Nikki’s Inbox: Boyfriend (Jeans) Problems

Hello Nikki! I was wondering if I could get some advice about boyfriend-style jeans. I recently went to the store and bought a couple pairs of jeans from the junior men’s section; one pair is gray denim and one pair is a green-ish mint color.

They fit well, but my problem is I don’t know what to wear with them! I’m 5’1 with a pear to hourglass shape figure, so I can’t wear any short, fitted blouses/t-shirts with them. I tried a long, fitted T-shirt, but it looked really weird with the jean waistline.

Can I get a little help? My style preference is punk/artistic and boho/vintage. Thanks in advance!

Tori, 19/Florida, USA

Ah yes, the boyfriend jean. I always thought this trend was somewhat inspired by that tradition that brides are supposed to follow at their wedding, particularly the “something borrowed, something blue” bit. After all, we women have been “borrowing” menswear for decades and I think the boyfriend jean is definitely a keeper.

There are a few things to remember when it comes to pulling off the boyfriend jean:

“Relaxed” doesn’t mean “sloppy.” The boyfriend jeans’ basic silhouette is already loose, so wearing it with an oversized top is just one item closer to looking like a hobo. Fit still very much matters.

Not all boyfriend jeans and body shapes are created equal. There are some new styles touted as “slim” or “skinny” boyfriend jeans that feature a more fitted cut.

You don’t always have to buy your boyfriend jeans from the menswear section. Men’s and women’s jeans are cut differently owing to anatomical differences.

Since spring is here and summer’s just around the corner, it’s high time to look more relaxed and sport looser silhouettes. I say it’s about time get out of the skinny jean uniform, girls!

The Rule of Thumb When It Comes to Boyfriend Jeans
Simply put, a fitted top looks better with the laidback structure of boyfriend jeans. You can either tuck it into the waistband halfway, or have the top just skim over the waistband. Based on the information you gave, Tori, I believe you have a shorter upper body which is probably why short, fitted tops looked “weird” on you. On the other hand, wearing something too long will throw your visual proportions out of whack. Shop for fitted tops that fall below your natural waistline (the narrowest part of your torso) and skim your hips. Longer garments such as a button-down shirt or a blouse should have a more defined waist and an architectural cut.

Monochromatic Menswear
Depending on the specific shade you bought, gray is a good choice for your boyfriend jeans as warmer days signify a shift towards lighter hues. It also makes for a great neutral canvas to juxtapose saturated colors. For a true menswear vibe, team your gray boyfriend jeans with a fitted V-neck graphic tee and a leather-sleeved jacket, then finish with heeled ankle boots (oxford or bootie style). The vintage vibe can be showcased through your choice of accessories like layered necklaces, a braided belt or a leather satchel. Don’t forget to fold the cuffs of your jeans a little to show off your shoes and a little bit of ankle especially since you’re petite.

Minty Goodness
I’m all for colored jeans myself, Tori, so that mint green pair is an inspired choice. Whereas your gray pair can work for a street-cool boyish style, this refreshing pair is perfect for a contemporary feminine look. Saturated hues are the go-to colors this spring and summer so jazz up those minties with a print tank or top, a neon cardi or floral hoodie and ballet flats. The shine and saturation really give the look a visual jolt. Give passersby more to look at with hoop earrings and a chic clutch.

Summer Lovin’
You can also opt to give in to the jeans’ mellow nature and jazz up a distressed pair by layering and mixing lightweight tanks in different colors and textures (stripes and solids, for example), and finishing with gladiator or slingback thong sandals for a different kind of beach chic. A woven tote, an armful of bangles and some chunky necklaces will bring out your inner urban earth goddess.

Good luck with the “boyfriends,” darling!


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