LOVEMORE Australia Agar-Agar Lifting Mask Review

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Beauty bargains come few and far between, so I’m extremely pleased that I’ve found a good one. Taiwanese brand LOVEMORE’s Australia Agar-Agar Lifting Mask is my new favorite steal. For just US$8, you get a pack of five masks that come in individual packages adorably designed to look like air-mail envelopes. This lifting mask reminds me of a Spanish phrase that says Las tres b’s: bueno, barato y bonito, meaning the three musts of a quality product are good, cheap and pretty. This mask definitely ticks those three boxes.

I don’t know much about this brand, or agar-agar in particular, but LOVEMORE’s website tells me that agar-agar is sea birds’ nest (a collagen-filled type of seaweed) from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The only reason agar-agar sounded familiar to me is that I remember reading some long-ago interview with Cate Blanchett, who said she was a big fan of the product. And who doesn’t want skin like hers (or to be mistaken for her)?

But why is this magical product just so, so good? Well, mainly because the results are instantaneous. After cleansing your face, just open the package (which doesn’t open up like an actual envelope, unfortunately), unfold the mask and remove the plastic protector, and put it on your face. The mask fits pretty well and adhered without a problem to my face and under my chin. Upon opening, there’s an immediate crisp, sharp scent that translates to a cooling, refreshing sensation once you put on the mask. The whole thing is drenched with slick, gel-like essence. To make it a whole spa-lite deal, I put on the agar-agar mask and the Tony Moly Green Apple Hand Mask, and put my feet up for about 20 minutes.

After peeling off the mask (and hand masks), I patted in any remaining essence for additional absorption. Five minutes later, I still felt some residual serum on the skin and had to keep patting it in because it was starting to feel a little heavy and I didn’t want to sleep with any of it still on my face. Looking in the mirror, I could instantly see that my skin was brighter and tauter. Score! I applied my Pond’s Cold Cream and decided that the real test would be to see how long the effects would last. The next morning, despite a lack of sleep (and thus sleeping through my alarm), I was especially happy to see that the firmness and brightness I had noticed the night before was still there.

As those who work in offices know, sitting under fluorescent lights and staring at a computer screen all day doesn’t help your face any. So this mask is absolutely a must-have for a quick mid-week lift. My only qualm was with the language on the brand’s website. It declares that this product is specifically for 25-30-year olds, and that the mask will help you look 18 again. Sure, my birthday is coming up soon and I’m none too happy about it, but since when does this very young demographic need to be told that they should look about ten years younger? Just advertising this product as a quality, effective mask should be enough, and customers can judge it on its own merit.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 out of 5 stars)

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