Spring Inspired: Retro Chic Hair Tutorial

Mmm… the sun is out and it’s finally starting to get warm outside! Spring is here, and this season I have noticed a lot of muted tones with organized pops of color, like nudes with orange-reds, for example. For me, floral patterns are my major spring inspiration, but I like the muted and natural tones. I’ve been keeping my makeup simple and natural and am gently warming into the colors as we transition into spring.

I’m wearing a lot of winter black, burgundy, gold, and navy blue colors and slowly pairing with nudes, pastels, prints, and eventually the bright colors of spring and summer. One of my favorite ways to transition from season to season is by changing my hair. A clean, retro-inspired updo is just the thing to keep our looks elegant, fun and ready for any season!

With product, this updo can be very clean and smooth. I’ve decided to show you the steps without any product. I feel leaving the natural texture works for a fun day look. Once you see the method, you’ll see how you can customize it to your own style needs.

What You Need:

Hair pins, three hair ties, a comb and a hair clip.

Step One: Brush through hair to remove any tangles. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just smooth enough to work with. Divide hair into two parts by separating the top from the bottom. Depending on how large you want each “bump,” you can decide to take more or less from the top.

Step Two: Use a hair clip to secure the top half of hair. This will keep it out of the way while we work on the bottom half. Take the bottom half of your hair (the remaining section) and make a ponytail. Make sure the ponytail is at the highest part of the bottom half of the hair. This is where the bottom “bump” will start from.

Step Three: Pull the base of the ponytail a small distance from your head, and make a hole in the middle of this new space between the ponytail hair-tie and your head. Flip the entire ponytail through this hole so that the flip comes from under the hole and then over the hair-tie. This “hair flip” will cover the hair-tie and and make the hair smooth and clean for the bump. You can tighten it so it’s more secure.

Step Four: Tie another hair-tie about halfway past or two-thirds the way down of the flipped ponytail. Depending on the size of your bump, it will vary how much of a “tail,” or the hair past the hair-tie you will have. My hair is pretty long so I don’t need to go too far down. The area between my head and the new ponytail is going to be the outer shell of the bump.

Step Five: Take the newly created tail and tease. You’ll end up with a ball of teased hair like this (and it now actually looks like a tail, haha).

Step Six: Take the teased ball and tuck it under the “shell” or smooth ponytail section. The teased ball will be against your head and wrapped inside the smooth pony tail section. Secure with pins. For me, I like to cross two pins in opposite directions on top of the now hidden ponytail tie located at the bottom of the bump and nape of the neck.

Spread the shell evenly to cover the teased ball. You can also add a pin to each side to secure the shell. Voilá! You have your bottom bump.

Step 7: Remove the clip and smooth out the top hair section. Make a ponytail about two-thirds the way down, leaving just enough hair beyond the hair-tie for a tail.

We are not going to flip this one because we want the sides to drape down and blend into the bottom bump. Tease the tail just like before, then tuck the teased ball of hair under the smooth portion of hair and against your head. Pin to secure just like the previous step. Smooth out any hairs that may be out of place and you are done!

That’s it! I’ve left mine a little messy with loose strands for texture. I think it makes the look playful for spring. If you want a more sleek evening look, just add some hair spray and smooth out both the finished bottom and top bumps for a clean and flawless look!

It’s easy and it takes only a few minutes. I get compliments on this look whenever I wear it and wanted to share the how-to with you. It’s too simple and elegant of a look to keep to myself. Plus, when you wake up late and are limited on time, this style can be your little secret. It’s a nice boost of confidence knowing your hair looks great when you have little time to get ready.

Make it your own by changing the size of the bumps or by adding accessories such as headbands, ribbons or hair pins. Be as creative as you wish and let the season inspire you!

Speaking of being spring-inspired, this feminine floral top is a new one! It’s from Tokyo Fashion, on YesStyle.com, and it’s called Crochet-Collar Patterned Top in Floral Coffee. I’m in love with the collar! It matches my obsessions with collars, floral patterns, lace and crochet. Brilliant!

Those who know me know that some collar and floral fashion updates are up next.

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