LadyKin Stick Shadow (#10 Smokey Black) Review

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This month, I decided to go in a different direction and try out some makeup. My current haphazard makeup collection consists of free samples and unopened hand-me-downs. The only product I’m devoted to right now is Bare Escentuals powder foundation. After rifling through the bits and bobs (and dropping most of them on the floor), I decided it’s time to start a more grown-up – and organized – makeup collection.

To start this overhaul, I bought LadyKin’s Stick Shadow in Smokey Black, which retails for US$10 for a 1.4g stick. I don’t know much about this brand except 1. it’s South Korean; 2. they have ten different colors to choose from; and 3. the stick shadow is awesome.

H-eye Light
Before I get into the endless praise, there is one major caveat: you need to use primer before applying the shadow. If you tend to rub or touch your eyes during the day, or have watery eyes or greasy eyelids, then primer is a must. The good news is that if you do use primer, then this stick is going to… stick (sorry!).

The stick is pliable but not mushy, meaning that it slides on easily and blends with a fingertip or brush. It’s also a wee glittery, which is great for a bit of sparkle, but again, if you don’t use primer and then rub your eyes, you’re going to end up with a face full of random shiny specks. I’ve also had some problems with my eyeliner and my contacts popping out in the mornings (whether due to my shaky hands or general incompetence, we’ll never know), so I think this is an affordable, good-looking alternative that can be used for both day and night looks. Best of all, you can apply it in one go, rather than in several tiny sweeps, which I absolutely prefer.

Making Eyes
I’d definitely consider getting the other sticks (starting with khaki as I have brown eyes) to see how they work together rather than combining the stick with loose eyeshadow. In the meantime, I more or less followed this tutorial, where you can see I created a full look(on the right), rather than just sliding the shadow on the full length of my eyelid (on the left), like I usually do on weekdays. Nice, eh?

Overall, as long as you’re willing to splash out for some primer, this little stick is totally worth it.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ (4 out of 5 stars)

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