D.I.Y. Jeweled Headband

Ever find yourself with broken necklaces that are often all tangled together? Fear not, now those necklaces can take on a new role. At first, I was going to break my necklaces down into small pieces so that I could glue them onto an otherwise boring and inexpensive headband. Easy enough, right? Of course, that means getting the glue out and trying not to make an even bigger mess as the creative juices flow.

Then it occurred to me. Ribbon! If I break off the pieces that are ready to fall off anyway, then tie the remaining portion of the necklace together with some ribbon – voilà! I have a beautiful new headband.

Because the ribbon is hidden under my hair, it doesn’t have to match the jewelry. This is some extra ribbon I had on hand. It wasn’t long enough for a present and I didn’t know what else to do with it until now. Not a bad use of leftovers if I do say so myself.

This necklace had a fitted section on top with lots of loose chains underneath. The chains had broken off halfway, so I went ahead and removed them completely. I then tied the two sections together with ribbon. It’s so easy!
This technique will work with your necklaces that aren’t broken, too. Instead of using the clasp, thread a thin strand of string or ribbon through the metal loops and you have an instant hair piece. Depending on the style of necklace, you can be as creative as you want. You can even use a ribbon that complements the necklace and wear it long to show off the matching tie. Again, it’s as creative as you want to be.

Now when I shop for necklaces, I keep thinking of how I can get more use out of them!

After getting this idea I began hunting for more and came across this beautiful necklace from VIVIDRESS on YesStyle.com. It acts as both a necklace and a headband – no additional work necessary. How beautiful would this be in your hair?

I’m so excited. I have so many new hair bands to play with!

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