Valentine’s Day Nails: Fiery Pink, Black Mesh, & Gold Glitter

It’s February and love is in the air! Doesn’t Bebop look lovely in pink pearls?

As an alternative to last year’s cute hearts nail art, I thought I’d take the saucier route this year with a little hot pink, black lace mesh, and gold glitter.

Now, there are many lace nail art options like OPI Pink & Black lace nails, Sally Hansen Salon Effects Laced Up/Misbehaved, Essie stick nail appliqué, Embrace the Lace, Lace Nail Art Stickers, and Sally Hansen “Fingerlace Gloves,” BUT I didn’t have any of those, so I DIY’d my own using what I already had.

What You’ll Need …

* OPI “Koala Berry” {but any bright shade will do}
* Sephora OPI “Only Gold for Me”
* Seche Vite fast drying top coat
* Lace, mesh
* Tweezers, scissors

Steps …

* Paint one coat of your base color and let dry. Decide which parts of the lace you want to use.

* Cut various pieces of your lace/mesh out to fit your nails. You may choose to cover your entire nail, or just parts of it. I did a little of both. I also did two nails with the darker woven part of the lace, and I would advise against it. It came out a little too dark and was both raised and thicker than the rest of the nails.

* Add your second coat of polish, one nail at a time. After each nail …

* Carefully apply your mesh/lace piece or pieces to your individual wet-ish nail with tweezers. Use the back of the tweezers to set it into place, then trim any overlapping areas with scissors.

* It will look something like this … Allow to dry {you may choose to cut strays now}

* I applied my chunky gold glitter sporadically to my ring, index, and thumbs only, but you may choose to do all of them if you wish.

* If you opt for no glitter, use a thick top coat like Seche Vite to set your mesh in place. I also applied Seche Vite over my glittered nails just to make sure they were good and strong. You will feel some roughness when they are dry. This manicure will most definitely be a monster to remove 😉

Voilà … Voilà!

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