Missha Deep Peeling Lip Scrub Review

The YS Beauty Lab

One of the best things about writing this column is that I can test products I’ve never even thought of trying. This month, I decided to go with something I didn’t even know existed: Missha’s Deep Peeling Lip Scrub.

Missha is a South Korean brand that promotes the quality of the product over superfluous packaging. Minimal is definitely the right word for this tiny package, which holds only the jar of scrub and features just the name of the product and some Korean text on the box. Although I suppose even for the uninitiated, it’s hard to get any more self-explanatory than “Deep Peeling Lip Scrub.”

I’d used a peeling scrub on my hands before, and it was both disgusting and oddly hypnotic. While I doubted the lip sloughing would be quite as dramatic, my imagination went into overdrive and all I could see were images of dead skin piling up, which made me think this would be painful, which then, weirdly, led to images of The Walking Dead. Needless to say, it sat on my shelf for a week before I decided to try it out.

Right in the Kisser
The scrub, which goes for US$18 for eleven grams, looks pretty unassuming. As tiny as it is, this jar will last, I think, around half a year if not longer as you only need a tiny bit and Missha suggests using it at most twice a week. To keep lips at their natural best, the scrub is paraben-, colorant- and alcohol-free, which matches Missha’s philosophy of responsible corporate citizenship and being environmentally conscious.

The gel-like consistency of the scrub boasts three different kinds of scrub beads made of walnut seeds, brown rice seeds and oats as well as black sugar beads, which are evenly spread throughout the gel. A plastic seal sits between the screw-cap top and the scrub for maximum insulation. The peach scent is almost unnoticeable when you open the jar but more potent when the scrub is on your lips. The scent doesn’t linger too long after you wash it off, which is nice.

Puckering Up
To apply, I just put a tiny amount on the tip of my finger and applied it all over my lips. Then I scrubbed the gel in and all around for a good few minutes. The scrub beads are too evenly spaced throughout the gel, which unfortunately meant I had to put some serious power into the scrubbing. It took a longer than I thought to see dead skin peel off, and even then it wasn’t a lot. I left it on for about five minutes, alternately scrubbing and letting the gel sink in a little bit. Letting the gel sit didn’t really do anything, so the next few times I used it, I just put all my effort into scrubbing.

After I washed it off, my lips did feel smoother, almost waxy. To finish, Missha’s website recommends putting on your regular lip balm, and that’s when the effects came to life. My lips were supple, smooth and shiny – the three S’s essential for a gorgeous grin. For a few days after, my lips were smoother and there was noticeably less dry skin.

In the end, I was really pleased with how it smooth my lips felt. However, the whole process was a bit … anti-climactic. I went a day without putting on lip balm (which was torturous) so my lips would be especially dry when I applied the scrub. For all the effort put in, very little sloughing actually happened, and while I was saved from zombie-inspired nightmares, I don’t feel that I got the “deep peeling” benefit of the product. “Deep” is not the word I would use to describe this scrub, but for a little five-minute perk up, this lip scrub does the trick.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating: ★ ★ ★ (3 out of 5 stars)