Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask Review

The YS Beauty Lab

I’ve been hearing about argan oil — also called “Moroccan oil” because it’s endemic to that country — for the longest time. Every time I see a beauty product boast of having argan oil as a primary ingredient, there is someone raving about its great moisturizing capabilities. With my interest piqued and the low humidity of the Hong Kong winter contributing to the drought-like state of my hair, I decided to try another product from Skinfood‘s vast arsenal: the Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask.

According to the information written on the product, argan oil is also known as the “oil of God” and is rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, squalene and is “excellent in keeping moisture.”

For the price of US$23.75, I received a bundle that had three (3) packs, each about the size of a 5×7 index card. Each pack is actually split into two compartments so you don’t have to worry about opening the package and finding everything a gooey mess. One contains an “essence cap” (which looks like a shower cap), while the other has the argan oil treatment. The packaging also makes it easy if you’re travelling and would like to make sure your hair still stays sane and stress-free. The packs can be individually folded and stashed into your carry-on toiletry kit since it only weighs 28g per pack.

Dry Hair vs. The Argan-auts
I used my first pack of the argan oil hair mask on a day when the humidity was hovering around 50%. The instructions stated that I should apply the treatment after shampooing and draining the excess water from my hair. It also specified that I shouldn’t let the liquid touch my scalp, which I found to be impossible since my hair is only nape-length and I had to “massage” it into my hair anyway. Nevertheless, I tried my best to only apply it to the hair itself and avoid having it on my scalp. Then I put on the essence cap and proceeded to massage away. I finished showering and then rinsed out my hair after the required 10 minutes. Finally, I shampooed again and did a final rinse.

Oil and Olé!
Post-rinse, I could already detect the immediate effects of the treatment: my hair wasn’t tangled as it usually is after shampooing. I really couldn’t tell if the argan oil left any scent in my hair after two shampoos but as long as I FELT the benefits, that was good enough. I skipped the anti-frizz serum and blow-dried my hair. And WOW!

No tangles, no snags. My hair felt so smooth and did what I wanted it to do! It was strange to not see so many strands sticking up nor my usual stray waves making their presence felt, but all that was gone thanks to the argan oil treatment. I felt like I belonged in a shampoo commercial at that moment. Throughout the day, I kept touching my hair, still amazed that it looked so good and normal.

No tangles!

Toss and Effect
I used the remaining pack a few days later, but I skipped the second shampoo. I was afraid that with so much oil my hair would end up feeling very heavy, but the effect was just the same as the first time. That is, no tangles, easy to comb, great after a blow-dry and a couple of days of glorious, normal hair.

Those with dry, brittle hair can try this treatment if they’re tired of always going to the salon for regular, pricier treatments. This 3-pack combo is perfect for touch-ups in between your salon visits and especially great if you have neither the time nor the bucks to see your stylist but still want to give your hair a lift.

My only peeve is that my hair only looks good for a few days before turning back into its old frizzy self. I hope Skinfood comes up with an improved formula that can last for at least a week!

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★