Tony Moly Green Apple Hand Mask Review

The YS Beauty Lab

When you think of masks, you usually think of faces, right? Well, the Tony Moly Green Apple Hand Mask is here to change your perception of what a mask is and what it can do. Basically, just slipping the gloves on for 20 minutes leaves hands brighter and firmer, and those 20 minutes also act as a much-needed respite from doing any sort of work, and who doesn’t need that?

Tony Moly’s slogan is “Skin Revolution.” So does this product do everything I need for an epidermal reversal? That is, my perfect product would moisturize, tighten and brighten skin, and hopefully diminish the appearance of scars over time. According to their website, the brand’s mission is to improve customers’ confidence in their skin and offer unique products based on tireless research and new technological developments. This “customer first” outlook is a big plus!

For about US$10, you get a set of two masks. I tried the Green Apple, but it also comes in a Lovely Peach scent. What exactly is a hand mask? Well, Tony Moly’s version is a two-step process. Step one is a thin, cloth glove and the inside is coated with peony root, honeysuckle leaf, ginko biloba and green apple (or peach) extracts, all of which help nourish and pamper hands. Step two is covering that with a clean red plastic glove. The makers were also nice enough to include two pieces of tape to secure the gloves to skin. If you are a butterfingers, unpeeling the tape might not be so easy, and it did take me a few attempts, but the adhesive is strong enough that it stayed on the whole time and didn’t hurt when I took it off.

Apples to Apples
The green apple scent does not disappoint. When tearing open the step one package, the crisp, clean scent of Granny Smiths immediately greeted my nose. After putting on the step two gloves and tape, the scent was sealed in and I had to put my hand to my face to smell it. By the time I took off the gloves and washed the remaining mask off, my hands simply smelled clean rather than like a ripe orchard. I definitely appreciate this as I don’t like other aromas getting mixed up with my Marc by Marc Jacobs Lola perfume.

Relaxation Sensation
I ended up leaving the mask on for 25 minutes as I didn’t want to go back to work so soon! In order to take advantage of this “me time,” I also put on my green tea face mask and an old “Arrested Development” episode. After about ten minutes, I could feel a pleasant tingly feeling all over my hands, which I took to mean that my skin was absorbing the cream. If you are the kind of person who finds it hard to completely relax, I’m happy to report that it’s quite easy to use a computer or smart phone while wearing the gloves.

Taking the Gloves Off
After removing the gloves, a slick layer of cream remained on my hands. I tried to rub it in, but that didn’t appear to be doing anything, so I just washed it off instead. My hands immediately looked brighter and felt firmer. The suggested use is 2-3 times a week. I used it twice in one week and the second time I used it was much the same: an obvious tightening of the skin and brighter look. The effects lasted for the few days between applying the masks. My list of cons is very short, the main one being that all the text is in Korean and I had to look up the directions and benefits online. Also, the first glove is made of a very thin cloth and if you have long nails, there is a good chance it will rip.

Overall, I really like what I experienced from the two times I tried it. I wish it had moisturized more, but meeting two of my criteria is a good start. As I only used this product twice, I don’t know if it can diminish scars or signs of aging. However, the positive experience I had has gotten me curious, which is a definite positive when looking for a new staple brand.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ (4 out of 5 stars)