DIY Christmas Tree Topper… from a wrapping paper roll

Though last year’s DIY Starburst Tree Topper made from pipe cleaners remains a favorite, this year’s tree has a more rustic feel to it in a brown and blue color scheme, so the glitzy topper didn’t quite fit. I started thinking about textured brown tones like burlap and rope, and remembered seeing a mirror border {among other things} made in a similar fashion with brown rolls. So I went on a hunt for my wrapping paper rolls {though toilet paper and paper towel rolls are a bit easier to work with because they’re thinner}. I grabbed my Martha Stewart Glitter Glue set for just a hint of color and overall I like the outcome. Though it’s a rather easy DIY, the challenge is knowing when to stop and when to keep going. Mine is a touch lopsided but I’ve grown to like it…

What You’ll Need…

* Wrapping paper roll {or several paper towel/toilet paper rolls}
* Tape {you could use a hot glue gun instead}
* Scissors
* Pipe cleaners

* OPTIONAL: Martha Stewart Glitter Glue, or simply glue and loose glitter. You can also choose to paint {spray or brush} in a solid color of your choice.


* Flatten your roll slightly and cut it in one-inch sections.

* Use as many as you need… I used an entire wrapping paper roll and would have used more if I’d had another one.

* Begin by placing about a 2.5″ piece of tape near the top-most part of your cut-outs, line it up with another one, and tape it together.

* You will create a flower of sorts, first. If your tree is small, you can stop here, or even create a few of these to string up and hang from your curtain rods or ceiling.

* Continue taping outward but cut your tape in half if it’s too wide.

* Keep going until you like the look and size… knowing when to stop was the most challenging part!

* Glitter glue the edges, the center or wherever you like, or {spray} paint your entire piece.

* Bend two {or 4} pipe cleaners and insert them through the center openings. Twist them in the back into one {with two sides} then use this to attach to your tree top.


I strung a few lights up through the back of it to light it up and left my pipe cleaners fanned out for a bit of shimmer in the back.

Have Fun!

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