The Face Shop Hand & Foot Total Treatment Review

The YS Beauty Lab

I admit that I am pretty lazy when it comes to a good lotion routine. After going through my nightly facial ritual that includes the occasional mask, cleanser, toner, under-eye cream and cold cream, I usually just look at the state of dryness that is my hands, think “eh, tomorrow” and fall into bed. During the day I mooch lotion off my colleagues. However, this whole situation may change thanks to THEFACESHOP’s Hand & Foot Total Treatment.

According to their website, THEFACESHOP promotes harmony between science and nature and promises to get their customers back to nature – and a more balanced equilibrium – through their products. They’ve even created a naturally-fermented cosmetics line and cosmetic products with LG technology. So can this forward-thinking brand create harmonious results for my skin?

At a very pocket-friendly US$14.25, this 40ml tin gives you a velvety-soft bang for your buck. Once you open the screw-top lid and lift the plastic seal, a gentle shea butter scent wafts up – a nice way to wind down before bed. Complementing its scent, the light, almost whipped texture of the cream reminded me of cake frosting – a very positive association in my mind! When putting the cream on, I used one finger pad full of cream three times – one for my hands and one for each foot.

My skin tends to get really dry, especially after swimming. I only used this at night on my feet but used it twice a day on my hands for about two weeks. In order to see how well and how quickly it could work, I slathered the vitamin E-rich lotion all over my feet, especially on my heels, where skin tends to crack and flake. I then wore thick socks to bed, which felt ridiculous, but I was well rewarded the next morning. When I woke up, my heels still felt hard but not flaky or rough. As for my hands, it was like a whole new world. The skin around my nails is the first to go when I get stressed, and when I checked the next morning, it was obvious rejuvenation was underway. The skin was smooth, supple and cracks were diminished. Occasionally I applied the lotion to my hands in the afternoon to keep up the soft feeling, which helped minimize the dryness after swimming.

Pros and Cons
The only con I can think of is that almost all the product information was written in Korean and information online about this product is scarce, so I can’t tell just how natural this product is.

The pros were more numerous:

  • The package is small and compact, thus making it travel-friendly
  • The scent disappears by morning if you apply at night, and doesn’t interfere with perfume if applied during the day
  • The lotion went on smoothly with no greasy feeling
  • The improvements were immediate and long-lasting
  • The vitamin E conditions skin effectively

I’ve been using this product for the last two weeks and even when I missed a day (old habits die hard), the skin around my knuckles and nails were still about 70% softer than they were before I started using this. My hands feel silkier, not to mention they look a million times better! As for my feet, the cracks are less visible and overall the skin is smoother. It will take a bit more time for the tough parts to soften, but as I reckon this little tin will last another month or two, there is plenty of time for that.

Overall the rejuvenation is obvious and the results are worth enough for me to buy another tin. Am I closer to nature or do I feel like I have a better equilibrium? Well, I can’t say that, but I can say that between the shea butter scent and calming habit of applying the cream, my hands and feet do feel better. And that my colleagues will be happy to hear that I’ll no longer be mooching off them. Perfect for keeping hands and feet soft in winter, ready for summer or just for everyday maintenance, THEFACESHOP’s Hand & Foot Total Treatment has my vote.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★