DIY Rope Necklace w/ Crystal Copper Plumbing Elbow

I bought a few of these copper plumbing elbows at the hardware store way back when I made my DIY gold hinge bracelet with a necklace in mind. It wasn’t until the other day as I was rummaging through my gift wrap, looking for something to wrap my cousin’s baby shower gift in, when these soft pretty pink ropes caught my attention. I immediately envisioned this simple little necklace. It’s funny how creativity works, don’t you think?

This is one of my simpler DIYs and it only took about five minutes or so to make.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

* Soft nylon rope cording {I stole mine from a pretty gift bag but you can find it in the curtain and/or trim section of your craft/fabric store}
* 90-degree copper plumbing elbow {from your local hardware store}
* Crystals or gems {mine are self-adhesive, so you’ll need glue if yours are not}
* Jewelry closure of sorts {though I just tied mine in a little knot}


* Remove rope from bags… this rope is finished at the ends so it won’t fray. If yours is not finished, you will either have to finish it or use a jewelry closure to keep your rope intact.

* Simply slip your rope through your copper elbow.

* Embellish as you wish. I thought I would cover the entire piece, so I grabbed my tiny nail gems as well, but I settled on a simpler, 4 gem motif.

* Again, I tied my necklace in a simple knot but you can finish it off with a proper jewelry clasp/closure if you wish.

*NOTE: The soft pink rope is really pretty next to the copper elbow, but other colors like ivory, blue, navy, burgundy and forest green offer a pretty contrast as well.


Tie both ropes together and wear it long! I actually like the simple knots but you can also just purchase a longer rope.

Have Fun!

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