DIY Delicate Rose Gold Wire & Chain Necklaces…

Sometimes a simple and delicate necklace is all I’m looking for, and while quite similar to my DIY rose gold charm bracelets, the simple curved line of this one has a little more edge to it. Worn short or long, together or alone, or even layered with a few other chains, I think these simple lines make a big impact and I love the rose gold affect the copper gives.

What You’ll Need…

* Copper chain {I used 3.6mm Flattened Curb Chain}
* 20 gauge copper wire
* Wire cutters
* Round nose beading pliers {these also offer a wire cutter}
* Strong nail file or sand paper


* Decide how long you want your wire and cut appropriately.

* Using your nail file or sand paper, file down any sharp edges.

* Using your round nose pliers, carefully curve just the ends inward, creating a loop.

* They should look like this.

* Cut your chain to your desired length.

* Slip the chains over the ends of the loops… you don’t need a closure for this but rather put them on and remove them by simply slipping the chain from the loops.


Have Fun!

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