Missha Love Secret Hand Cream (Cherry Blossom) Review

The YS Beauty Lab

This month, the YesStyle Beauty Lab road-tests … hand cream! know, I know. What’s there to test about hand cream? Plenty, if you are a discerning customer and are finicky about your skincare products.

I decided to try a tube of the Love Secret Hand Cream (Cherry Blossom) from Missha, one of YesStyle’s best-selling beauty brands. The Love Secret collection also includes other delicious scents like Peony Rose, Lemon Grass, Green Grape and Cotton White, each of which retails for a very pocket-friendly price of US$10!

The Missha Love Secret collection comes in bright, holiday-themed packaging, and thus makes the perfect gift for the hand cream-addicted (raise your hands!). I really don’t care if my hand cream has images of candy canes and snow. Dry skin is dry skin, so why should I wait for Christmas to cure it?

What’s the difference between hand lotion and hand cream anyway?
A few years back, I didn’t know there was a distinction between the two, either. One day, while out shopping with a friend who was looking for “hand cream,” I pointed to a tube of a generic drugstore brand and said, “Why don’t you just get one of those?” She — rather snootily — replied, “It’s hand lotion, not hand cream. There’s a difference.”

Simply put, creams and gels are thicker than lotions. That’s why some products are classified as “hand and body lotions” while others are specified as “hand creams” or “body creams”, etc.

Trying It Out
I frequently wash my hands, so they often end up chapped and dry. To make sure I choose correctly when pampering my hands, I use the following criteria to determine the perfect hand cream:

  • Doesn’t leave a sticky or slimy residue behind
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No overpowering scent
  • Moisturizing power lasts for a few hours

My pre-bedtime ritual involves a lot of washing so I decided that was the ideal time to test the Cherry Blossom-scented cream. I applied two pea-sized dollops to my hands and massaged them thoroughly until it was absorbed. The bonus of applying the cream before bedtime was that I fell asleep soothed by the scent of cherry blossoms. Sweet dreams!

As soon as I woke up, I smelled my hands. The scent was definitely still there, but not as strong as before. That’s good for me since I don’t like scented products that are too strong and might potentially clash with the other products I use.

I’m glad to report that my hands remained smooth and there were no allergic reactions whatsoever. That’s three out of my four criteria so far!

The Verdict
I figured that the true test of this hand cream would be at the office, where the air-conditioning is set at Arctic levels and I wash my hands more frequently. That means my hands tend to end up as dry as the Sahara.

Even through five to six daily hand washings (yes, I counted) and the 22°C temperature, I only applied the hand cream three times. Is that good? Better than good! For such a small tube (27ml), its moisturizing effect was long enough (about 2 to 3 hours for me) that I only needed to use a pea-sized dollop each time, and that kept my hands soft enough to withstand the soap, water and cold temperature. That’s four out of four! Thus, instead of leaving the tube on my desk, I decided to keep it in my bag as my talisman against dryness while commuting.

I’m not really a fan of floral scents but the Cherry Blossom variant is subtle enough for my fickle nose. I’m more of a lemongrass and cotton kind of gal, so I definitely know what’s going into my YesStyle Shopping Bag next time!

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

What do you guys look for when buying hand creams and lotions? What are your signature scents for these? Sound off in the comments!

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