Shopping Tips: YesStyle

{YesStyle faux fur vest that showed up on this blog countless of times last winter}

Over the past year or so, I’ve had the privilege of having an on-going partnership with Asia-based online retailer YesStyle. During this time, I’ve definitely been able to acquire some amazing pieces for my wardrobe. I’ve also received quite a few questions regarding how to shop on this site, which is understandable since it can admittedly look pretty overwhelming at first glance! Due to these requests, I’ve put together a list of several YesStyle shopping tips I’ve personally picked up that will hopefully make your browsing a little bit easier.

{YesStyle trench/YesStyle blouse, circle skirt and yes, that faux fur vest again!}

– Know what you’re looking for. I typically have something specific in mind when shopping on the site as it helps filter through everything I don’t want. Often times I’ll have a trend in mind and type a keyword into the search bar (e.g., Peplum). The site is also pretty good at dividing products into specific categories. This is one of my favourites to shop!
– Know your favourite brands. I find a lot of great pieces (style, quality and fit) by midnightCOCO, SUVINSHOP, HAPPYCAT and STYLEBERRY. I often visit the pages of these brands to see what new things might catch my eye.

{one of my favourite pieces – a heavier weight tweed jacket}

– Shop New Arrivals. It’s the best place to find of-the-moment pieces, and a good tool to find out which brands you are a fan of.
– Worried about fit? Each item has very precise measurements included, which you can measure against a similar garment in your closet. I also like to gauge how the piece looks on the model and mentally compare our body types to get a better idea of how it will look on me.

{the site is full of pretty blouses! / YesStyle coat, blouse and shorts}

– Need it quick? Shop “Ready-to-Ship”. Since YesStyle does not have its own warehouse, it can sometimes take a while for your items to be ready for shipping. If you want it soon, there’s a great section of pieces that are all ready to be sent out.
I hope you’ve found this little guide helpful!

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