DIY Leather Peplum Belt {with vintage buckle}

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting to make a leather peplum belt myself. I think it’s since the beginning of the year… and I finally have the time to get creative with some new DIYs, so I whipped one up the other day in about 30 minutes. I had an entirely different buckle picked out, but when I spotted this removable abstract leaf clasp hanging in my closet, I thought it would add the perfect 80’s touch when paired with an equally 80’s mini dress. Since this buckle is removable, I can alter the look by simply switching it out to  something else, giving the peplum a more ornate or minimal feel.  {Or I can simply wear the buckle on the back}.

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Here’s What You’ll Need…

* Leather {find it at Tandy Leather}
* Scissors or a blade
* Measuring tape
* A white crayon or pencil
* A belt buckle or self-adhesive velcro

* Fold your leather in half with the back or suede side up. Draw your peplum shape on it with your white crayon or pencil. I did it free-hand. But if you have a ruffled blouse, a large feather trim or belt you can use as a pattern, do so. Measure your waist and draw a half circle equalling half of the circumference.

TIP: Start with a larger draft so you can trim it down… If you’re using a belt buckle, measure it, and draw it few inches larger on each end. If you have a large enough hide of leather {or fabric} you can cut this out in one piece.

* Hold your leather firmly in place and carefully cut along the lines. I work better with scissors than a blade. Scissors can cut through a surprisingly thick textile.

* It should look something like this. If you’d rather have straight edges than angled, cut them straight. If you don’t want the ends to overlap, cut them back.

* I used an old looping belt buckle from an a vintage belt. **You can use a regular buckle if you have the setting or simply a thick strip of industrial strength velcro.

* With this buckle, I simply slid the leather through it, looped over and back.


Have Fun!

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