Skinfood Coffee Body Scrub Review

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Welcome to another edition of The YesStyle Beauty Lab! After a hiatus, we’re back with yet another YesStyle Beauty best-seller: Skinfood’s Coffee Body Scrub.

What is it and why is it so popular?
For the uninitiated, Skinfood is a skincare and cosmetics brand from Korea that uses food as its main ingredients. From fruits and veggies like apples and parsley to the more exotic and eyebrow-raising ingredients like (gasp!) caviar, makgeolli (a popular Korean alcoholic drink made from rice), sake (Japanese rice wine) and even cacti and salmon. Skinfood’s product list actually reads like the fresh foods section at your supermarket. Cool, eh?

The Coffee Body Scrub is just one of the many flavors and types of scrubs available from Skinfood and priced at US$17 for 160 grams. For that amount, I’d say this tub is the engine that could. Now let me tell you what I liked about it:

  • Coffee is listed as an ingredient and it does smell like coffee. My coffee intake is limited to one cup a day but just sniffing this makes me feel like I’ve had 3 cups. Pure joy!
  • It has big grains. Some scrubs have microscopic grains since anything larger would be too abrasive for the face. This scrub has big grains because it’s for the body, which means a bigger skin surface.
  • It can truly exfoliate. With coffee grains you can actually feel on your fingers, imagine the effect on rough spots. Hallelujah!
  • It’s best on the really rough areas of your body like elbows, knees, and the soles of feet.
  • Have I already mentioned how I love the smell of coffee?

However, if you don’t like the smell of coffee or might even be allergic to it, do check out the rest of Skinfood’s products for something more suitable. Plus, it’s always good to take a skin test before using any new product, just in case.

Trying it out
The scrub is best used when you’re showering as the thick concoction spreads more easily when wet. Plus, it feels less abrasive on the skin. I tested the scrub for two weeks, and used it twice a week.

Aside from my elbows and knees, I also used the scrub on my hands. Not as soap or hand wash though. Why? Because hands can feel rough too and even the skin on our fingers and knuckles can become dry.

The Verdict
After giving my hands a much-needed “coffee break,” I applied hand cream (non-scented) afterwards. My hands already felt smoother and less wrinkly! The softness and moisturized feeling lasted longer, even after washing my hands with soap. The coffee scrub helped prolong the effects of the hand cream. Now how’s that for effectiveness?

Applying the scrub regularly also did wonders for my knees, elbows and feet. Since it’s summer here in Hong Kong right now, it’s a must to keep my feet looking clean and pretty enough to wear flip-flops and sandals. Exfoliating is an absolute must, especially if you’re the type who wears sleeveless tops, shorts or above-the-knee skirts everyday.

The smell and the effect really made me want to use this scrub everyday instead of twice or thrice a week. But since exfoliating every day is a no-no, I decided that I would view my twice-a-week coffee scrub as a treat or reward instead. I also had to remind myself that this is a body scrub, not a body wash or facial scrub. It’s not meant to replace your shower gel, bath soap or facial cleanser.

The YesStyle Beauty Lab Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ (4 out of 5 stars)

Has anyone else tried the Skinfood’s Coffee Body Scrub? What are your favorite body scrub scents? Post in the comments!

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