Nikki’s Inbox: The Manly Leggings

Hi Nikki! I’ve been reading about men’s leggings in Japan, called “meggings”, but I can’t find any on YesStyle and I’m not really sure what to enter as a search term. Can you help? And what would I wear them with?

Ash, 33/Australia

There are always a few trends that I find hard to jump into and follow, and I must say, Ash dear, that meggings are one of them. Essentially leggings for men, meggings first showed up on runways about six months ago — and honestly, have you seen them anywhere else since? There’s probably a very good reason for that. Leggings should never be worn as pants on women anyways (Girls, remember that — leggings are not pants!), and personally, I think that’s even more so the case for men.

The fabric for leggings is generally thin, stretchy and made of cotton or polyester blend — the perfect formula that shows off everything men do not want to highlight. Now, if you really, really, really want to wear leggings, it won’t be said that I let one of my beloved readers down! I gladly accept the challenge to help you pull them off, Ash, and I salute your boldness and confidence. First, I would advise choosing fabrics that are heavier, like the brushed fleeced pair below. A more wearable alternative are shorts with inset leggings.

Now, take a look at my suggestions on how to wear those meggings!

Bulk Up Your Top Half and Wear it Smart
Meggings were mostly paired with blazers on the runways, and honestly that’s the best way to wear them, especially to avoid looking like you’re ready to go ballet dancing or work out at the gym. A fitted jacket also works but make sure it’s structured to give your silhouette a frame. The jacket length should fall past your waist (and cover most of your crotch) because meggings are so slim, you need to balance them with a heavier top. A long coat also works.

Punk it Up, Rock it Out
Pull another wearable look from the runways, Ash, with a plaid shirt and ankle boots. Unless you’re a fellow model, I would again suggest to wear leggings of a thicker fabric (leather was a popular choice for F/W 2011) and a slightly longer shirt. Leggings should be tucked into ankle boots.

Ultra Skinny Pants
For those of you who aren’t so sure about this trend, why not go for a pair of super skinny pants instead? deepstyle, Groove9 and Rememberclick do pairs that are androgynously smart as well as a little edgy.

Hope those tips help, Ash! I’d love to know how you managed to pull them off Down Under. Let me know in the comments!


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