Nikki’s Inbox: The Lab Coat-Upgrade Experiment

Hi Nikki!

I’m a pharmacy student who absolutely loves fashion! Unfortunately, I have to wear a white lab coat all the time, which covers up most of what I’m wearing. I love my colors but colors in the form of heels don’t seem practical when I’m standing for long hours at a time. My style is best described as romantic chic. How do I stay fashionable even with a white lab coat covering everything? I’m 5’5 with a medium-slim build.

Lou, 20 / Canada

To most, your lab situation would seem rather restrictive Lou darling, but to me, your style guru, it just means putting my style skills to the test. And I gladly accept your challenge! Putting together a fabulous outfit isn’t just about apparel: you need to use your whole wardrobe to express your style. Your apparel choices are limited, and rightly so. Because you work in a lab, I’m guessing closed-toe shoes and minimal dingly dangly jewelry are a must.

So what can you show then? Take a look at my four top picks here!

Toasty Turtlenecks
There isn’t much left to show off under your lab coat, so be sure to utilize the collar the best you can. A turtleneck top adds a pop of color to your winter outfits so pull out the flashiest neck warming tops you have, while the weather still allows for them! As you mentioned you love color, I would pick a few in bright red and blue. A striped pattern keeps the look interesting!

Fancy Collars
As you ease into the spring and summer, swap your turtlenecks for tops with oversized or fancy collars. Pull out the collar slightly so that it sits on top of your lab coat. This way, it’s not getting in the way of anything (safety comes first!) and you’re still showing off a dose of your personal style.

Shoot for Shoes
Since you’re standing all day, gravitate to colored sneakers instead of colored pumps. A pair in bright red or mustard yellow perhaps? (Bright colors are also this season’s hottest trend by the way!) If you’re looking for something a little more whimsical, do check out HVBAO. They’ve got fun prints on their canvas sneakers and slip-ons, enough for you to change up your shoes daily!

Dare to Accessorize
That lab coat might limit you in terms of clothing, but there’s no line (well, almost no line) drawn when it comes to accessories! A jeweled butterfly fits the bill one day while a pair of red hot lips spices up your look on the next.

Now that I’ve got you started, get inventive, my dear scientist! And you, fellow readers, what items would you add to your fab lab look?


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