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Bye bye 2011, hello 2012! Time does go fast, doesn’t it? What are you expecting for the brand new year that’s coming? For some, probably the end. For others, a new beginning.

Well, that’s perfect because I found you the most practical and adorable thing to make sure you stay organised over the next 12 months! Where? On YesStyle, of course! xD Brace yourselves, cuteness overload is coming!

This is my actual agenda. I bought it on my first trip to South Korea, and I always take it wherever I go. It is so handy, I write down all my plans, notes and what I do everyday. I love agendas! I love writing down all the events and it’s so easy to read through them again at a later date and see what you did on a certain day in the past.

I needed a new agenda for the new year. Problem was, it was difficult to find something as cute as this one. I can find cute but not kawaii, if you know what I mean. But once again, YesStyle came to the rescue! What a brilliant idea I had, to go to the Accessories page, and check out what’s on there. It didn’t take me long either to find exactly what I was looking for!

Ta-daaah! Few days later, on my birthday, I got my parcel!

And in the middle of my selection, my Cooky Set! I discovered Cookyshop when I was in Korea, and I really can’t resist the cuteness of its character! So chio! So when I found out YesStyle was selling a Cooky agenda, I just couldn’t resist!

Look at the box! CUTENESS! Even the security sticker was so chio that it nearly broke my heart to slice it to get what was in there T_T

This is what the set comprises: an agenda + a mini-calendar + a pocket note + stickers!!! Handy or whaaat???

You can put your calendar on your desk, it is so small that it won’t need much space, and the cute drawings will always put a smile upon your little face.

The pocket book and the stickers. The notebook is so small that you can put it in your bag without weighing it down. Feel free to let your imagination run, as you fill the diary pages with your pen!

The best of the best: the agenda! I’ve never seen something so CHIO~! It is about the size of my hand, so quite small and compact, and it comes with its own plastic cover! So handy! Only thing I would regret about it is that it doesn’t have something to hold the pen but this is me being a little bit too fussy ^^”

The big plus about korean agendas is that you can start them at any date, either january or september. Why? The dates are free, so you’ll have to fill them in yourself.

This is not a real problem for me, since I do love personalizing my agendas, by writing all the birthdays, days to remember and bank holidays (very handy, if you are planning your holidays). Another thing that I love, is to put stickers on important dates! I know, I am forever a child… xD

Each page has its own little cute drawing! What’s not to love??

You can find this item here:

>>> Iswas Set: “Cooky” Series Diary + Desk Calendar + Pocket Notebook

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