My Beauty Diary: Black Pearl Mask

I’ve used My Beauty Diary masks on and off for a few years now, mostly as a special treat for my skin. But lately I’ve been thinking I need to use them more often and regularly! This Black Pearl mask might just have to be the go-to one!

YesStyle has a huge selection of My Beauty Diary masks right now. The Black Pearl version focuses on “Whitening & Nourishing.” Lately my skin has been getting a little dry with the drop in humidity as autumn weather settles in, so this was a good opportunity to rejuvenate my skin!

I don’t know if it’s the mask or the fact I put it on after a workout, but the Black Pearl mask is really refreshing! So cool and moisturizing. After only a few minutes my skin was feeling so wonderful. Really, I am loving this Black Pearl version!

I was thinking that a whitening mask would be great for redness or dark spots left from acne. Not really actual whitening but rather to lighten dark spots. I thankfully didn’t have any acne scars currently. But one reason I love My Beauty Diary is because their masks never cause my skin to break out! I’ve tried various versions too and so far my sensitive skin has remained calm and acne-free after using them. My favorites include the Bulgarian White Rose mask and the Red Vine mask.

After the 30-minute treatment my skin looked very translucent! No red blotches like usual, just glowing, even-colored skin.

This one was English version too so I could actually read the full description & directions for use. With the Chinese versions, I used to look for the time – how long to leave it on for – because that was all I could understand, so the English version is a welcomed surprise!

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