Nikki’s Inbox: Chambray, Meet Winter

Hi Nikki!

I recently purchased a chambray shirt and I’m loving it! Sadly, winter is here but I’m not ready to chuck the shirt into the back of my closet.

Do you have any ideas on how I can incorporate the shirt into my winter wardrobe?


Amy, 14

I love a good chambray shirt Amy! The fabric is a casual but a touch dressier than your typical denim. I’m also a fan of incorporating summer pieces into the winter because it means I have twice the number of styling options! Here’s a big tip for winter styling: summer pieces, like your chambray shirt, generally add color or style but zero insulation, so make sure you add other pieces that are warm and cozy. Now, let’s see how we can pull off this chambray!

500 Days of Indian Summer
The chambray shirt is perfect for Indian summers and LA-style winters. As the temperatures dip, use your chambray shirt as a much needed coverup. Style it over a flowy sundress or a tee and shorts combo. Winter warming tip: Adding a scarf and swapping sandals for ankle boots tunes you into the cooler weather.

Knit Party
A winter outfit is never complete without knits! Make a style statement by wearing your chambray shirt as a base layer under a chunky knit sweater, then pair with anything from a maxi skirt to leggings. Winter warming tip: Open knits or knits with wide weaving are generally less warm so add a long-sleeved top or T-shirt underneath your chambray shirt for an extra layer of insulation.

Layering Short Over Long
If you can wear your summer items into the winter, Amy girl, you’ve just doubled your wardrobe! Try adding a pair of leggings underneath a pair of summer shorts or a skirt. Now just tuck your chambray shirt in for a cool hipster vibe. Winter warming tip: Knit or fleece-lined leggings will keep you warm. Go for thick tights to keep your toes toasty too.

The Sweet Girl Next Door
Mix sweet and tough, dressy and casual by styling your shirt with floral skirts or floaty maxi dresses. Winter warming tip: The chambray shirt won’t do much to add warmth so make sure all your other layers are wintery. Try a jersey maxi dress topped off with a faux fur vest and finish with ankle booties, that should do the trick!

Let me know which one’s your favorite!


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