Makeup Behind Glasses with Bobbi Brown

Hong Kong-based Bobbi Brown makeup consultant and trainer Desmond Tse instructs a fellow makeup artist at the Bobbi Brown store in IFC.

Staring at a computer screen for 10 hours a day when wearing contact lenses is intensely tiring, so for the past year I’ve ditched my contacts for glasses, saving the no-frames look for after-work hours and weekends. Plus, now that plastic frames are back in style, going contact lens-free also makes total fashion sense!

The only thing to worry about then, is makeup. I’m supershort-sighted (or myopic) so anytime I wear glasses, my eyes are reduced to the size of tiny peas inside black frames. I decided to ask an expert what artistry I could use on my face to make my eyes a little less pea-sized. And who better to ask than my all-time favorite makeup brand Bobbi Brown?

I headed down to the Bobbi Brown store at the IFC mall in Central and was greeted by Desmond Tse, a makeup consultant and trainer at Bobbi Brown – he trains each of Bobbi Brown’s makeup artists in Hong Kong. With over 10 years of experience, Desmond has worked in London and Paris and has always been an avid Bobbi Brown fan. “Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is to enhance natural beauty,” says Desmond, “It’s about focusing on every girl’s beauty rather than trying to create something overly dramatic.” The iconic label was created by makeup artist Bobbi Brown in 1991 to create a line of cosmetics that could produce a natural, no-makeup look. Her first lipsticks were brown-based and her foundations are yellow-based, not pink, and the result is a cosmetic line that’s adored by women worldwide.

So what are his tips for girls with glasses? “Everyone’s eye shape is different,” says Desmond, “And it also depends on where the glasses sit. If the top of the frames sit level to the lashes, you’ll have to add color a little further past the crease.”

Here’s Desmond’s how-to for a picture-perfect makeup look with glasses!

  • Add a layer of light shadow and blend it past the crease line. Choose a cream shadow in a shade one or two tones darker than the one used in the first step. Apply to your lids, from the lashline to the crease line. The color from a cream shadow is a lot stronger, so it ensures your eyes really stand out. You can apply with a brush or just with your finger.
  • Add a thin layer of eyeliner to your lashline.
  • For a more dramatic look that works for evenings, add a layer of shimmery shadow to your lids. Because you used cream shadow for the base, the color will hold.
  • Eyeliner under the eye gives the illusion of bigger eyes. For near-sighted girls, the lens will make your eyes appear smaller, so you won’t want to skip this step. Sweep a line below the lashes, or at the waterline if you’re comfortable. If you’re far-sighted, skip this step as your lens will already magnify your eyes.
  • Apply two coats of mascara to the top and bottom of your lashes.
  • You’ve created really strong eyes now, so add a touch of pink gloss to your lips to balance the eye makeup.

Test it out and show us your results by linking in the comments!

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