DIY Crystal Ball Drop Earrings

I love a single ball drop earring. The design is so 60’s and you know I adore all things 60’s. I came across these perfect little faceted ball beads the other day at JoAnn’s and thought they’d be the perfect modern version of the single ball drop earring because of the edgy chain. I also like the idea of a cluster of pearls or a rhinestone ball but the clear crystal is pretty versatile. They’re so quick and easy to make I’m bound to do more styles!

* Faceted crystal ball bead… or any round bead of your choice
* Small chain
* Earring hooks
* Jewelry Metal head pins {if you’d like to add more than one bead, buy the longest pins & trim away the excess}
* Jewelry making pliers

* Slide your metal jump head pin through your bead. If your bead’s opening is too large you can use a smaller bead or even a single sequin to fill the gap.

* With your rounded pliers, bend the metal pin to form an open loop.

* It should look like this.

* Determine how long your want your drop. Using your pliers separate the chain links.

* Slide your chain through your pin/loop atop your bead and clamp the loop shut.

* Use the same technique on the opposite end to attach your earring hooks.

* So Simple! * So Quick! * So Fab!

Have Fun!

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