Nikki’s Inbox: Looking So Na-Na-Nice!

I’ve barely started reading your blog and it has already helped me with some questions that I have. However, a question that I can’t seem to find the answer to is how to find that perfect (well, not that perfect) school outfit that fits my style. I guess you could say my style is laidback and girly sometimes. I like the clean look that the girls wear in the Korean drama “City Hunter”. I like to wear clothes that make me look leaner. I’m 5’6 and I also have a problem finding the right pair of jeans. Please help me. Thank you!

Londa, 14/USA

Londa darling, I know why you love the outfits of the girls in “City Hunter”! Who wouldn’t? Those women display a tasteful blend of casual but girly styles that caught Lee Min Ho’s, err, his character’s eye. What’s not to love about that?

Before I start swooning, I just want to let you know that any outfit can be the perfect school outfit. It’s really all up to you – how you carry yourself, how confident you feel and your comfort level with whatever you’re wearing.

Blend In, Stand Out
As bodyguard Kim Na-Na, Park Min-Young has to wear serious black suits when she’s on duty but she balances these with relaxed yet still feminine outfits on her off-days. A basic khaki jacket tones down the overt femininity of a chiffon or lacy blouse. Since you’re 5’6, you can display your height to your advantage by choosing a waist-length or cropped jacket layered over a hip-length top. Team it with skinny or cigarette-fit jeans to complement the volume and finish with flat ankle boots or low-heeled pumps.

Soft And Structured
Na-Na and KARA’s very own Goo Hara, who plays the President’s daughter Choi Da-Hae, are also fond of wearing blazers and cardigans, great staples that you should definitely have all year ’round! If you want to start cashing in on the blazer trend, I suggest you read my previous advice on the subject. For cardigans, always go for a good fit – just like with every other garment. Too boxy or loose and you end up looking like you’re playing dress-up in your dad’s clothes; too short and tight and it’ll look like you had a problem with the dryer. Note how blazers are always hip-length while the cardigans start just above the upper thigh. The key is balance, balance, balance!

Go With the Flow
Da-Hae is a girl who wants to have fun. Sounds like most of us girls, right? The flirty playfulness of her outfits showcases this quality very well. Florals, lace, draping, mini skirts and mini dresses are some of her most favorite looks. While we can’t all be daughters of the president running around with handsome bodyguards (I wish!), you can still get away with looking pretty, flirty and fun. Look for the details I mentioned above since they instantly add oomph to anything you pair them with, be it just a simple tank top or a plain white tee.

Too bad I can’t give you Lee Min Ho, Londa dear but I hope my advice helped!


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