Leather Cut-out Statement Necklace DIY

It’s a little known fact that I worked with a leather accessory designer for 7 long years and needless to say, I know more about leather than anyone in their right mind needs to know. When I use leather for a DIY now it’s a bit of a surreal experience because I never thought in a million years I’d be working with it again. But alas, leather always comes back in style and leather accessories are the easiest way to add a little edge to an outfit without biting the entire leather bullet. So I give you, my {easy} leather cut-out statement necklace tutorial.

* Hat custom made by Etsy shop Spring Canyon Hats. You can get the same one by contacting them and custom ordering the “…love Maegan “Barracuda” Fedora hat”

* Leather
* Scissors/Razor blade
* Pen/Paper
* Ribbon or leather for closure …or if you’re skilled you can use an eyelet or d-ring and metal jewelry closures. I took the easy way out.

* Also note: I played around with adding chains or lace peeking through the cut outs but left it as-is for now. I may add to it at a later date but I like the simplicity.

* Sketch your necklace freehand or use another necklace as a pattern. Cut one side out.

* To create a mirror image of my shape, I cut out one side then folded it onto the other, using it as a guide to cut the other side.

* Try on your paper pattern to make sure it lays the way you want it to around your neck. Make any necessary adjustments. * Trace your pattern onto the suede side of your leather.

* Cut out your pattern. If your leather is thin enough, you can easily use scissors.

* Using a light pencil on the suede side, draw on your pattern. I just eye-balled this but if you want a more intricate pattern, you may want to draw it out or use your computer to get it precise.

Pattern design ideas: Mila Necklace and Earrings Gabriela Iskin, 2010, Pamela Love at Bona Drag

* Cut out your design. It’s best to use a razor/exacto blade but I couldn’t find mine so I CAREFULLY used my sharpest little scissors.

* Make a slice on either end of your necklace, parallel with the edge, about a half an inch in.

* Like this.

* Slide ribbon or leather lacing through {I used pink to demonstrate}. If you’re skilled you can obviously create any kind of closure here.

Have Fun!

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