French Pouf! Chiffon & Tulle Flower Accessory DIY Reader Request Maeg-it Yourself Tutorial

* French Pouf Accessory : Pin, Belt, Hair from *

I was very inspired to make this as a little wedding gift. But since I couldn’t find the exact peachy-nude chiffon as shown in the inspiration photos, I had to settle for a soft, baby pink.

* Half a yard of chiffon fabric in color of choice.
* Half a yard of tulle {you’ll use less}
* Scissors
* Matching thread & a needle
* 1-inch pin backings

* Create circles by folding the edges of your chiffon & tulle over about 3 inches {The original flower is 7″ diameter so I made mine the same. If you want your flower smaller, then create smaller circles} and cutting half circles. They don’t have to be perfect . Note: We want the ends to fray a little to give it a little vintage romance.

* I used about 28 chiffon circles {half of one yard of fabric} and between 10-14 tulle circles.

* Fold your circles in half, then in half again, but not perfectly. Stitching in place one at a time then . . .

* Run a stitch through each of them, forming a pseudo-circle.

* Continue overlapping circle/triangles of chiffon and tulle in between. You can pinch them and gather them a bit at the center/base with your stitches.

* Keep layering your circle pieces in until you can’t really see spaces between them.

* Keep your stitches to the center of the flower. Some overlying pieces can be stitched to each other instead of all they way down the base, but intersperse them. This is what the back should look like.

* Hand-stitch your pin backing to the center of the flower. You may choose to stitch or glue {if you must} a small circular piece of felt to the back then stitch or glue {if you must} your pin back to that. But I preferred to just stitch it directly to the flower.

…slide a few bobby pins through the pin back and your hair…

Have fun!

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154 comments on “French Pouf! Chiffon & Tulle Flower Accessory DIY Reader Request Maeg-it Yourself Tutorial

  1. Amy Dang June 10, 2011 1:37 am

    how pretty! i will definitely try this one!

  2. Alexis Reed June 10, 2011 9:58 am

    yeah this is great! thanks a lot 😀