Nikki’s Inbox: Shop Your Shape – Pear aka Triangle

Hello Nikki!

I love Asian fashion but I am often too big for the styles (especially pants and shorts). I love my curves (33″/ 24″/38″) but I don’t want to lose weight to fit into the clothes. Is there anything for the more curvy girls who love Asian fashion?

Isabella, 20/Stockholm, Sweden

I was wondering what styles of Asian clothing would work best for tall and bottom-heavy girls? I’m specifically looking to dress more feminine and break the whole jeans and t-shirt getup I’m used to. At 5’7”, I’m not your typical Chinese girl. My measurements are 34”/28”/38” and from reading the clothing measurements on, it’s difficult to find dresses that flatter me.

Sonia, 21/California, USA

Whoever told you curvy ladies can’t do Asian fashion was wrong, way wrong! That would imply that there are no curvy ladies in Asia which, by the way, has a population of, very roughly, 22 million women. Now that math can’t be right, can it? When shopping for the perfect dress or top, checking the product measurements to make sure it fits is a must. But more importantly, you should always buy items that flatter your body shape and size because these are the ones that make you look good.

The Pear Shape
Our bodies are all different but after eons of fashion and design evolution, stylists have come up with a few major body shape categories. Essentially, if your hips are wider than your waist and bust then you have a pear-shaped or triangle-shaped body.

Isabella and Sonia, those sexy, curvy hips are your assets, but your smaller bust and narrower shoulders work a little bit against you. To flatter your figure, the goal for you pear-shaped lovelies is to add to your top half so that it looks fuller, matching the width of your hips. Here are a few outfit ideas to get you started (all with items that fit your sizes too!). These are suggestions and not hard and fast rules – remember, you should always be comfortable with what you’re wearing! Check out famous pear-shaped hotties Rihanna, Beyonce and Jennifer Love Hewitt for more style inspirations!

There’s No Time Like Girl Time
If there’s any season to be looking feminine Sonia, it’s this spring and summer. Flirty florals and gorgeous nude palettes are piling up in stores, ready for us to fall in love with! Why these outfits work: A soft (not full) A-line dress conceals your lower half while an empire waist emphasizes the bust. Cap-sleeves or ruffles give the illusion of a fuller top half.

Still Chilly On Campus
The weatherman says it’s still chilly in Stockholm this time of year, so a pair of leggings, boots and outerwear might still be in order for you, Isabella. Why these outfits work: Wide lapels and a double-breasted design add volume to your top half and shoulders, creating the illusion of an hourglass figure. A cowl-neck sweater adds volume to your top half.

Downtown Pretty
Sometimes it’s all work and no play for college students and looking fabulous isn’t always on your study schedule. A little sparkle in your classroom, study group or all-night- cram session style can go a long way. Why these outfits work: An embellished neckline or patterned tops like dots and stripes ad visual interest to your top half. An empire waist dress with an embroidered bib also does the trick.

A Word to the Glamazons
The average Asian girl in Asia might not be your height, Sonia, but I can assure you that Asian girls all around the world are much taller than the 5’3” variety you’ll find in the East. Take a look at tall, leading ladies like Kelly Hu, Sandra Oh, Lee Da Hae and Bernice Liu. As I always say – just go with whatever makes you feel great because that’s the one key to looking fabulous!

Have fun darlings!


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4 comments on “Nikki’s Inbox: Shop Your Shape – Pear aka Triangle

  1. Atira Lee May 23, 2011 7:20 am

    Thanks Nikki. I love Asian style and I have the same problem. Good advice!

  2. Sade Spears May 26, 2011 8:33 pm

    Thanks! this applies to me too XD

  3. Satu Vanhala June 8, 2011 6:38 pm

    I am as curvy in the hips..maybe even a bit more, but I’ve got one problem part in my body that I can’t make narrower by shoulders..they are like 40-41 cm so something like 16.14″.. that’s always a problem when I look Asian might be perfect in other measurements, but from the shoulders clothes just don’t fit :S