[ADVENTURES] YesStyle In San Francisco

Rambling foreword from the Rambloyee: we stumbled upon this awesome review of the YesStyle store in San Francisco, written by Sheena from HypnoticAsia. The store is in Stonestown Galleria (shopping mall) and carries a selection of the same rocking clothes and accessories as the online store. If you haven’t been yet, check out the review below!

Many of you have probably heard of the online store YesStyle.com. They are known for the trendy products from Asian brands and designers that they sell on their website. It’s one of the quickest ways to get your favorite clothes and beauty products that normally you would only find if you traveled to Japan, China or South Korea.

I myself am a YesStyle.com shopper and visit their site quite frequently to buy my favorite hard to find Asian made beauty products! I’ve definitely been interested in the clothes they sell because they look so very cute! My biggest concern that has stopped me from buying however, is whether they would fit me, it’s hard to tell when you buy online.

Well imagine my surprise when I was informed recently that YesStyle actually has an offline store in San Francisco, CA. A YesStyle store in my own city where I can go and check out their clothes in person! This was an adventure I could not pass up so I decided to go and investigate, and see if this stored lived up to its online counterpart.

Now if you are a student at San Francisco State University you will be overjoyed to find out that this store is located in the Stonestown Galleria Mall which is right next to campus! And for you non-San Francisco natives you’ll be happy to know that this mall is located at the southern end of the city with plenty of parking space and transportation options going to the mall, so if you are ever visiting, definitely go check it out!

When it came to my adventure, I was worried the store would be a little hard to find because I’ve been to this mall numerous times and never seemed to notice it. But to my surprise I was able to find it within 3 minutes! Walking into the main entrance of the mall I came straight to the directory which informed me that the store was located on the second floor right next to Macy’s. One quick trip up the escalator, a very short walk and there I was.

Walking up to the store front I realized why I might never have noticed this store before since its tucked away to the side – one might miss it if they are focused on Macy’s as a destination! It is literally right next to the Macy’s entrance, kind of tucked away in a corner store location but if you are looking out for it, you won’t miss it!

Upon entering the store the first thing I noticed was that the store is quite small but at the same time they have packed a lot of fashion into the place! From T-shirts, dress pants and skirts to winter apparel there were all kinds of different things to look at! So many different types of fashion I probably could have wandered around for a long while. To my delight I discovered everything comes in many different sizes to choose from.

Another great discovery was the prices! I was a little worried at first that these items might be a little overpriced but true to their online counterpart this store is very decently priced and even had 50% off sales going on while I was in the store. Looking up to the ceiling of the store you could also find framed posters of famous Asian bands and much to my surprise I found out that they also sell these posters at the store, so if there are any Kpop fans out there in the area, this store can take care of you!

Overall I was very excited to visit this store and while the selection might not be as big as the online store it certainly cannot be discounted! The store is very clean and organized. The staff are very friendly and helpful and of course the clothes are very unique and interesting. So if you are a fan of YesStyle.com and live or are visiting San Francisco, I’d say this store is definitely worth checking out. Happy Shopping!

Here are more photos of the shop: