Beauty Dish: New Year Beauty Resolutions

At the very end of every year, in between the madness of holiday festivities, I try to find a quiet moment to make a list of New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes they come to me on the fly, and I’ll scribble them down on a post-it, or on the back of a napkin using an eyeliner pencil.

This year I’ve added something new: beauty resolutions! And like for any resolution, writing them down makes sure you get them done. Whether it’s for getting better skin, finally attempting bangs or a pixie cut, or experimenting with makeup, a beauty resolution is the first step to a beautiful you in 2011!

2011 is my first year of beauty resolutions so I just have two easy ones:

1. Get fit. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to run 10K without keeling over and my goal this year is to get back into shape for the next charity marathon. I’ve hit the gym for spinning classes twice already – a good start!

2. Figure out a better daily skin regimen and stick with it! I’m pretty lazy when it comes to skin care. Usually, I just wash my face with cleanser and slap on face cream (sometimes I’ll throw in the occasional toner and eye cream). My goal is to commit to face masks 2-3 times a week and invest in SkinCeutical’s B5 serum.

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Check out some of the beauty resolutions from our staff!

Angel, Beauty Merchandiser – “My new year’s beauty resolution is to keep my skin hydrated. I’m really lazy so I’ve bought a bunch of sleeping face masks, you apply it before going to bed and sleep with it. I plan on using them when the humidity plummets in the winter or when I sleep with the air conditioner on in the summer.”

Angel’s picks (from left): 1. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. 2. Tony Moly Berry Whitening Sleeping Pack.
3. Skinfood Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Mask. 4. Baviphat Paprika Water Up All-In-One Sleeping Pack.

June, Product Executive – “I want a year-round glow so I’m going to start using a body wrap at home, like L’Occitane’s Grape Warming Body Wrap, once every two weeks. It’s an at-home spa product that detoxifies and revitalizes skin. It feels really good when it’s warm and I love how it doesn’t drip after it’s applied. I also want beautiful looking nails – they really make your hands look gorgeous – so I’ll try and do home manicures regularly. OPI’s nail polish is the best and I’ve invested in cuticle oil. The oil needs to be applied daily just at the cuticle to keep it soft and strong.”

June’s picks (from left): 1. L’Occitane Grape Warming Body Wrap. 2. OPI Avoplex Nail Cuticle Replenishing Oil. 3. OPI Senoritas Mini Set.

Agnes, Graphic Designer – “I’ve bought a tube of hand cream to leave in the office. I have really dry hands so I’m going to make sure I reapply many times throughout the day. I like Kose’s hand cream because it has Q10”.

Agnes’ picks (from left): 1. Shiseido Hand Cream. 2. Kose CoenRich Q10 White Hand & Finger Cream.

What are your beauty resolutions? Got one but not sure what product to use? Leave your comments and questions below!

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  1. Mercedes Leung January 13, 2011 4:38 pm

    Great to read about your staff members! Want to see more of that.