Nikki’s Inbox: Rock star style at any age!

Hi Nikki! I love your blog and I definitely need your help. My aunt (who shall remain anonymous) is a rocker. She’s in her early 40s and we were having a debate about what’s appropriate for a 40 year-old rocker – who loves cute things – to wear. I say she should leave the whole rock idea to us kids; she says otherwise.

Who’s right?

Naiya, 17 / USA

The short answer to your question? You’re wrong! Shame on you for putting an age limit on style! There’s no such thing as “you’re too old to wear that” – you simply have to figure out a way to make the style age-appropriate. Hello and hear the sound of Guitar Hero! Haven’t you seen how amazing Gwen Stefani and Pink are still looking? Darling, 40 is the new 20, if you haven’t heard that one yet!

Having said that, it’s a hard to offer you style advice; you haven’t given me much to go on. What kind of rockstar style are you and your aunt? Are you the punk romantic, head-banging and guitar-slamming species or the sexy and glamorous-but-rock-goddess-inside kind?

The words “rock star” usually invoke images of crazy, rebellious youngsters who get mixed up in electric guitars, leather, drugs and booze, and possibly Mick Jagger (I might be giving away my age here!). Stay true to this spirit in whatever you wear, but remember you’re not actually a rock star, you just want rock star style, so the fashion element really needs to be there: loud, trendy and unique!

What to wear?
For inspiration, find and flick through photos of Gwen Stefani and Fergie. BoA has plenty of performance outfits that you can steal from. Some must-have fabrics are leather and denim (and sometimes fur). Push out of the box with animal prints – the bolder the better – and pair leather with stud details. Ooze sex appeal with figure-hugging clothes, or reveal some skin with a cropped top or backless dress. Black, brown and red are key colors, and accessories like leather cuffs or anything with studs are essential.

Teens: Smells like Teen Spirit
You’ve got youth on your side, so you can dare to be crazy, wild and bold – and get away with it. That means short hems and all-over animal prints are sexy, not skanky. Keep makeup to black liquid eyeliner because I think you’re a little too young for all that death mask drama on the face. Instead of slathering on the whole makeup collection, add clear lip shine.

Your celebrity crush:
Avril Lavigne (and less modern day Miley Cyrus).

Your everyday look:
Animal-print top paired with leggings or distressed skinny jeans and wedge lace-up boots. This look works from day to night!

In your 20s: The Only Girl in the World
Steal the show by dropping the teenage innocence and layering on sexiness! Anything leather and skin-tight makes the cut. Thick black eyeliner, false eyelashes and rocking red lipstick ooze glamour into your rock star style.

Your celebrity crush: Rhianna and Fergie.

Your everyday look:
A zip hoodie over a cropped top teamed with skinny jeans.

Your party look:
A skin-tight animal-print dress paired with black ankle booties. Red puckered lips and false eyelashes are a must.

In your 40s: Hollaback Girl
Slicked back and full hair? Check. Black tips and crazy gel nail art? Check. Leather pants with a studded top? Check. The rock fashionista in her 40s has been there, done that – a seasoned rock star at her best. Your aunt loves cute things so she can add girly elements to the leather: swap the long top and skinny jeans for a shift dress and leggings, and pick pieces with lace or floral details to soften the look. Keep the rest (leather, denim and animal-prints) low-key – you’re not trying to compete with the teens!

Your celebrity crush:
Sheryl Crow and Adam Lambert

Your everyday look:
A biker-style jacket over an oversized graphic-print T-shirt dress paired with leggings and lace-up boots.

Your party look:
A backless or low-back top with skinny black pants and platform pumps. A leather jacket is must. Play up the look with eye or lip makeup but not both.

Try these outfits tonight at your year-end festivities. I guarantee you’ll both look fabulous!

Happy New Year to all my readers! Here’s to a more stylish and fashion-sensible 2011!


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  1. Naiya Hutchins December 31, 2010 7:55 pm

    Thanks Nikki! We will definitely be looking at and using these tips!

  2. Erzébeth Bathory February 4, 2011 8:41 pm

    Buen dia quisiera saber como puedo adquirir los productos, yo me encuentro en Colombia, y estoy muy interesada en comprar ña ropa, gracias.