Winter Trend: Bring Up The Socks And Heels

When you think of winter and shoes, you think of boots. It is only natural. But we can stretch the definition a bit this season while keeping the boot look in mind.

By wearing knee-high and thigh-high matching socks with our heels, we’ve expanded the use of some of our older styled shoes that would otherwise be sitting alone in the closet, waiting for warmer weather.


top: black bodysuit from American Apparel

skirt: beige layered mesh skirt from MoDN available at YesStyle

knee highs: lace up stockings from 59 Seconds available at YesStyle

shoes: platform pumps with detachable legwarmers from KVOLL available at YesStyle

The focus here is on the heels and socks. Think about your options – there are a lot of them. When I first started wearing this look I kept thinking to keep the socks a basic black and to have more fun with the shape of the heel. But then I found these beautiful lace-up stockings that inspired me all over again.

These shoes from KVOLL even came with some detachable mesh leg warmers (spot-on this winter’s trend!). As cool as they are, I opted to swap them for higher stockings and socks to highlight the trumpet heel. Whether you like this particular pair or not – the point is there are limitless options.

This is a look that is functional as well as fabulous. The socks keep you warm and because they are fitted they give you perfect lines on your silhouette. I know I’ve struggled with finding boots to fit my calf without looking goofy (you know what I mean) and this eliminates that worry. You can even have some fun with it by pairing your socks with a funky heel like I have on here. These shoes, which are fabulous on their own, take on a new look with these knee-high socks.

You’ll notice the skirt I am wearing is made of mesh layers – there’s that mesh again. It is everywhere and I love it! One thing about winter is that everything gets covered up by a coat when you are out and about. Wearing skirts with layers and more volume will at least change the shape of your coat and give you a more interesting look. But in the case of the outfit hidden by the coat – your shoes, and in this case, knee-highs will still be seen!

This is a really fun trend I’m still excited about exploring. And the best part is this means you get more seasonal life out of your shoes and don’t have to spend a fortune on new ones. Socks and stockings are inexpensive, warm, and have a lot of style. You can still wear your favorite boots, but now you can also where your favorite heels in a whole new way.

This Post is republished from: Pretty and Fabulous