Daydream Nation’s Flagship Store in Hong Kong

YesStyle was recently invited to attend the VIP launch of international fashion-theatre label Daydream Nation’s flagship store in Hong Kong’s trendy Star Street area. The brand’s creative nature is brought to life in a two-story shop, with shop space on the ground floor and creative workshop area on the second floor.

Daydream Nation was set up in 2006 by brother-sister duo Kay and Jing Wong, both Central St. Martin graduates and art enthusiasts, as a creative outlet for daydreaming. Carried by stores like Harvey Nichols, Beams and Selfridges, in over 20 countries, the Hong Kong shop is Daydream Nation’s first retail store. “It’s really a place for daydreaming,” says brand manager Cristina Paul. “All the things you see in the shop, and even the whole concept of the brand, are about escaping from the mundane day-to-day things in life and daydreaming.”

The shop space is homey and cozy, with clothing racks and display shelves converted from old drawers, ladders and Kay and Jing Wong’s old bedroom doors. Almost everything is DIY, which fits in with DayDream Nation’s eco-friendly design culture. The retail store offers Recy-Couture, an alteration service that converts customers’ old couture items into something modern, wearable and unique.

The workshop space on the second floor allows people to join the duo’s designer friends in unleashing their inner creativity, “The workshop space is a place to inject some creativity into the community.” Currently, the space is offering workshops for honey candle-making using locally produced beeswax, fabric chocolate-making and beginner’s guitar lessons led by Jing himself.

“[The store] is just a mini version of what we want to do. Eventually, we want to open up a creative hub that includes the shop, the creative workshop space and a coffee and lounge area.”

Each collection designed by the siblings tells a story that is prevalent in the choice of fabrics and luxurious construction of the clothes. Their AW09 collection “Letters to Paul” was dedicated to their father and featured airmail and postal themes, including an envelope-turned dress. Their AW10 collection “Boy on Tree” is inspired by animals in the forest. The brand’s story-telling nature is well received by fashion enthusiasts around the world – previous collections have been presented as visual performances at the prestigious London’s Fashion Week, and the brand has won several awards, most recently selected “Vogue Talent 2010” by Vogue Italia.

With the collections’ whimsical designs, the brother and sister team has captured the hearts of celebrities like Juliette Binoche and Ke$ha and gained recognition in fashion circles. DayDream Nation has collaborated with designers Peter Jensen, Shangri-La, The Old Curiosity Shop and Urban Outfitters.

Clockwise from top left: Daydream Nation’s AW10collection. A T-shirt from “Letters to Paul” collection; this is a sketch of the designer siblings’ father. Intricate postal-themed design from “Letters to Paul” collection. Daydream Nation’s jewelry collection is coveted by celebrities and designers alike.

YesStyle CEO and Founder Joshua Lau at Daydream Nation’s flagship store. YesStyle staff June and Tristan talking to Daydream Nation’s brand manager Christina Paul.

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6 comments on “Daydream Nation’s Flagship Store in Hong Kong

  1. Shonnae Robinson November 20, 2010 1:32 am

    I wonder where in the states can I purchase their clothing I like the fact that “Day Dream Nation” has that whimsical Lewis Carrol feel to it where you can be between your reality and a day dreaming sense. The clothes seem very casual and comfortable and would fit well into my bohemian collection. ^^

  2. YesStyle Jasmine November 20, 2010 2:09 am

    Check out Daydream Nation’s stockists page on their website – Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Revolve Clothing stock their clothes!

  3. Joshua Lau November 24, 2010 2:24 pm

    I know Kay and Jing for some years. They are truly talented people. Delighted to see the success of their first store. Hope more Daydream Nation stores will pop-up soon.