Jill Stuart Cafe

Calling all girls in Osaka!
I scanned the above page from J-Mag ViVi which featured an excerpt on the Jill Stuart cafe. As you can see, it’s been squashed in my bag from traveling).
A few of my friends and I went to Japan for a ten-day vacation: from Tokyo we headed to Kyoto where we took day trips to Nara to feed deer and Osaka for shopping and takoyaki. It was pouring rain when we reached Osaka by train. Since our schedule was tight, we only spent a day there wandering around Shinsaibashi-suji, a sheltered street full of boutiques, arcades, restaurants and souvenir stores. While we didn’t have time to stop for proper meals, we went around sampling and savoring the offerings from various vendors and shops, from Japanese cheesecake and creme brulee in an eggshell to takoyaki and ¥300 udon.

One of the places on our list of “Things to Eat in Osaka” was the Jill Stuart café (they have officially launched one in Tokyo now!). Since my friends are fans of the brand, we decided to stop by the department store to experience a slice of the Jill Stuart life, a life that comes in pale pink and cream stripes.

Descend down the escalator of the department store and there you are: the Jill Stuart Cafe in Osaka.

A picture of the oversized menu with various waffle selections is posted on the pillar in front of the seating area.

While eating, soak in the fashion and accessories the girls are sporting!

The café encircles the floor of the department store and patrons can view the stores and escalators through the space in the center column.
Order at the cashier and find yourself a seat. We ordered a berry and mascarpone cream waffle, banana and chocolate waffle, and a royal milk tea:

Not a big on sweets? The cafe offers a wide selection of cute souvenirs to buy for friends (or for yourself). Mugs, stickers, “I Love Jill” pins and aprons trimmed with ruffles. Edibles include tri-color cookies and bonbons:

Souvenirs for everyone: pins, stickers, mugs and candy!

Really expensive aprons (left) and the paper bowls they serve your waffles in (right)

Their biscuits are packaged in clear jars trimmed in silver. My friend purchased the striped mug (right).

Canvas bags in different colors and coffee mugs for the caffeine-addicts

Adapted from the ‘Portfolio of Patisserie’