Nikki’s Inbox: Yes, It’s the Skinny on Skinny Jeans for Guys

Hello Nikki,

I’m a 15-year-old teenage boy very much into Asian fashion. I’m quite slim at 5’3 and weighing 108lbs, so it’s hard to find clothes with a good fit at most stores. I think I look best in skinny jeans and I’ve seen a lot of Asian celebs in skinny jeans and oversized tops. How can I recreate that look on me?


Ah, skinny jeans on guys. There’s a whole slew of blog posts and fashion editorials out there that have people screaming they love ’em or hate ’em. But really, I’m always about looking your best: why can’t guys wear skinny jeans if they look good in them?

So I declare that you’ve got the first step right, Tam: finding what looks best in your size. There’s no point in donning “cool” baggy jeans with the cuffs rolled up if you’re swimming in them.

I’m risking ridicule here but just so you know, the skinny jeans you covet were quite popular in the 90s and then gave way to more loose cuts. They’ve been revived over the past few years, both on runways and your favorite Japanese street style fashion. Whether its street style in the East or West however, the roots of the skinny jean stem from rock and emo styles, so they still work best in these looks (think Vamps and Fall Out Boy). It’s probably also the reason why it’s often seen as a softer, more androgynous type of jean.

In choosing your pair, make sure they have the right fit . There are a whole range of cuts on the skinny jean spectrum – from the narrowest cut that reveals every curve and bulge, to a leaner version of straight leg jeans. Ideally, the skinny should be worn so that it looks tapered, but they should never hug your body (you’re not a girl showing off her curves). Men with a slimmer physique can opt for more narrow cuts.

Guys with a bigger build will want a cut that’s closer to the straight-leg jean.

Don’t forget that the skinny cut can also work on trousers and corduroys to vary your look. But again, make sure it fits your body shape.

In choosing tops, you might want to go easy on wearing an oversized top with a skinny pair. The combination might end up highlighting your small build. Go for oversized tops that are slightly baggy and long, but with details like a ribbed hem to control the volume. Remember, swimming as a sport is good exercise; swimming in fabric isn’t cool.

Details like draping or a cowl neck are tricks that add the illusion of volume without seemingly swallowing you whole.

Personally, I prefer loose- fitting but not oversized tops with skinny jeans on guys – the emo rockstar or “nerd” look a la Peter Parker. They balance the slim fit of the bottoms while hiding your slim build, creating the right mix. You can always go for style without having to fully sacrifice comfort. Work that skinny!


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