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How can I protect my account?

Security of customer accounts is one of our top priorities. In order to strengthen your account's security we have updated our password protection requirements. Your password should now be at least 8 characters long, with a maximum of 20 characters in total. If your existing password does not meet these requirements, you will still be able to access all of our features. However, we advise that you use a longer and more complex password to ensure your account's security.

How can I change my password?

You may change your password at any time using the following steps:

1. Log in to My Account
2. Click on the "Personal Information" link in the Account Management section. You will be directed to the Personal Information page.
3. Enter your new password in the "New Password" field, ensuring that it is at least 8 characters and no more than 20 characters in length.
4. Verify your new password by re-typing it into the "Re-type New Password" field.
5. Enter your current password in the "Current Password" field.
6. Click the "Submit" button to complete changing your password.

How do I change my sign in and personal information?
You may change sign in and personal information such as name, sign in email address, and password from "My Account". Simply change the information as indicated and click the “Update” button.  If you change your email address, please remember to sign in with your new email address next time.  For your safety, personal information can ONLY be changed by the customer from the “My Account” section.  Customer Service cannot modify personal information. 
What is a credit card profile?
A credit card profile contains information about your credit card(s).  The credit card profile name is simply a reference name assigned to the profile when it is created.  By default, credit card profile names will be Card 1, Card 2, and so on.  The default credit card profile refers to the credit card that will automatically be used during order placing unless changed during checkout.
How do I change my credit card information?
You may add, modify or delete any credit card profiles in this section. Simply click the “Edit” or “Delete” button on the right of each record to make modifications. To add a new credit card profile, click the “Add New Card” button at the bottom part of the page. Any changes made to the credit card information in your account will not affect orders that have been successfully placed. You may contact our Customer Service team to modify your orders.
What is an address profile?
An address profile contains information about your shipping and billing addresses. The address profile name is simply a reference name assigned to the profile when it is created.  By default, address profile names will be Address 1, Address 2, and so on. The contact phone number within the address profile will be used by our delivery agent to call the receiver if necessary.  It is also printed on the address label when we ship out orders.

The email address within the address profile will receive shipment invoices when your order is ready for shipment.  It may or may not be the same as your sign in email depending on the email account at which you would like to receive shipment invoices.

How do I change my shipping address?
You may add, modify, or delete shipping address records in the "Address Book" section.  Simply click either the “Edit” or “Delete” button on the right of each record to make modifications.  To add a new shipping address record, click the “Add New Address” button on the bottom part of the page.

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